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Weekly Ca' d'Oro token/Issue signet run!

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Now this is something I would also like to do. There is a lot of cool outfits, gear, and titles you can pick up spending the tokens from these runs, and also blue signets are very nice too! They are easy and we can pretty much take anyone regardless of gear level. The backhand to this is: in order to get the missions you NEED issues six and seven. So, if people can please post if you have these issues I can get a feel for if it is a good idea or not.

Weekly Elite Dungeon run!

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I was talking with several Invicta members and have noticed at least six are ready for Elite duengeons! So I am putting together an Elite Dungeon run at 7:30PM Eastern Time (New York). It will go for probably about two hours and should cover at least 4/8 dungeons. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts about this! Please let me know if the time is acceptable, or if you would like me to reschedule it for a different time. If you choose reschedule PLEASE post a time that is preferable for you.

RP Storyline Ideas

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Post any RP story ideas for the Security Company here. This way we can keep it all in one place!
Post now!

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Recommended Mods

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I'm Moving?

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It's finally happening, finally moving into the new apartment.


I am not going to have internet till the 7th, so I will see you all then

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Yesterday on The Skull.

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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays and all that to folks here for anyone who happens to do anything or otherwise celebrate the holidays this time of year.

Another year that I'm glad to have become acquianted with Invicta. Looking forward to another!

TSW on sale on Steam

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Thats right now, right now its alittle under 11 bucks! 66% off

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Happy Christmas from Bethlehem

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Ello Gang!

Possible branch of Invicta

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I saw Noct and a few others talking about TSW, and while I have absoltuly no intention of playing that game (for my own reasons I will explain in PM's if asked) I can understand wanting to find another place to RP.

I would HIGHLY reccomend taking a look at ARCHAGE, which is where my Finn and I would be had it not been for invicta on TOR. It has its problems but it is a fantastic place to RP and is beautiful.

A web comic some of you may enjoy

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It's called Guilded Age, it has a few twists to the story and in general I have been enjoying it for some time now.

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Space Engineers

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So... for those that don't know what this is:

I have a creative and survival server that I putz around in. If your interested it me up on steam (agorisenyo) and I'll get you in the group to let you get into the server. If there is enough intrest within Invicta I'll put up our own little world with the mods we like. :-) Just thought I'd put it out there.

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leavin, on a jet plane

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Sitting in the airport waiting for the first leg of my flight. I'll be in Arizona a little after 8pm... MST, I think. The computer will still take a few days longer, so the phone will be my only net access. Find me on Skype if you'd like to chat or RP while I'm in limbo. :)

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For Noctifer. TSW RP idea

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I've been a HUGE Queensryche fan for years, especially the Operation:Mindcrime era.
The whole album would make a great plot for an RP story.
I'm posting the title track here, just to give you an idea. It definitely has that Illumanati vibe to it. (Though could be altered for any faction)

Let me know what you think, and I may return to TSW, as the pawn for this role, with Noc's varient being the mastermind behind it. *evil grin*

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The Invicta Initiative Fan Comic

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I've started posting pages from a little fan comic I've been working on to explain some of the backstory of the cabals. Future issues will be more focused on the stories people are telling within the Cabals. Here's the direct link to the first page of Issue #0, though I also included a link under 'Media' in the navigation bar.

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Opening A Secret World Chapter for Invicta

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As many of you know, I've been tossing around from game to game for a while looking for something that inspires me. After a lot of consideration, I've finally settled on the Secret World, a modern horror MMORPG by Funcom. TSW is the game I've often returned to (because its free to play) when I needed a break and wanted to play an MMO solo. Well, I've decided its time to end the solo part. I'd like to invite any current member, past member or friend of Invicta to come play.
There are some pros and cons to Secret World, of course:

  • Realistic graphics (a must for me)
  • Engaging gameplay and story-driven quests
  • A strong, active RP community
  • Endgame content (though see below)
  • Free to play and subscription models available
  • PvP Content
  • Rich and complex character advancement/abilities (points-based, not class-based)


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About the Strongholds

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To those of you playing, what do you guys/girls think about the Strongholds?
Yes I of course realize they arent exactly "new" now but I was curious. out of my assorted mmos I try to maintain a cycle of popping into here and there, I havent quite had the chance to poke around ToR in ages, outside of logging in after patching it up here and there to check on what I still had lol.
I figure once I get around to doing so again I'd be looking into fiddling around with the Strongholds a bit as I always love to have access to some form of housing in my gaming.

I read that you could have more then one stronghold across your legacy, does this mean something along the lines of with the 4 or so they have in game, you can only unlock say 1 per character but your whole legacy can access them or that there isnt a limit on the # you can have per character and all characters on your Legacy can access them?


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Well, this move has gone from planned out to jacked up in short order.

This morning my mom tells me that the property manager would be bringing in some help today to help us move to the new apartment, out of no where. Oh, and she didnt have the key to the new place....

Then that gets cancled, the property manager had been so busy helping her sister move that she wasnt able to get the help she had planned on

Then we took a look at the new apt, the previous tennets had live there a year, maybe a year and a half, place looked like it had suffered 10 years of hard living, they had told the property manager that they had cleaned the place and it was ready to go for us..... not exactly accurate....

So right now moving has been delayed again, my computer is in peices, no idea when or what is moving so I have no idea when I will be back on...

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SWTOR Game Update 3.0 Patch Notes

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Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan Early Access
Danger lurks in the shadows of the Republic and the Empire: fanatical infiltrators hidden in the ranks of both governments and militaries, all dedicated to the cause of a man long thought dead. He has been both Jedi and Sith, both conqueror and savior. He is Revan—and he will stop at nothing to complete the galaxy-changing mission he began more than three hundred years ago…

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Healing rps and you!

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Changes to Coms in 3.0

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From an official post on the SWToR forums

Hey folks,

As many of you know, there are changes coming to Commendations in 3.0. I talked about this a little bit previously, here, and one thing that came from that post were more questions. I thought I would make a one stop-shop post on Commendations in 3.0 and what would happen to them, so here we go!

Cat states

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Closing up shop on ESO

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In the end, ESO just didn't live up to what I'd hoped it to be (an online version of Skyrim), so I've canceled my subscription. As I think we've maybe two other people who log in with any regularity there, I don't plan to work out a transfer of leadership. I don't think I'm giving up on MMOs altogether, but haven't entirely settled elsewhere yet. Once I do, I'll make sure to get word out.
Sorry gang!

3.0 Class changes

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"Where did you hear/learn this?"

Something that I hear fairly often when I start talking about up coming changes, additions, ect to the game. So here it is, links to what I have learned and where I have learned it. This is what I do while farming credits/coms on makeb

First up, the twitch feed, along with their archived twitch videos.


Next up! Overview of the 3.0 changes to Commando and Mercenary advanced classes!


Now the overview of changes to Vanguard and Powertech!


To navagate to these articals go to the SWToR home page, click on ABOUT then on news, or just scroll down.

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Speeder Races!

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Hey everybody.I've been playing lightside on BC server.The first guild I joined there turned out to be a horrible guild(nice people but the GL was a cross between Napolean and Stalin) but they did do one thing that was a lot of fun,speeder races.I enjoyed the idea so much that I started running it for my new guild and we have been having a great time with it.Even though I dont play on your server and with the guild I never forget you guys.Once Invicta,always Invicta.So I would like to come to EH and run this event for you guys.

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All my characters are gone

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All my character's are gone. D:

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SOG Meeting availability check

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I'm looking to kick off a new story arc with the SOG within the next week. If those who are interested could drop a note in here of when they're most likely to be free next week, hopefully I can set a date for the first briefing that suits us all. Cheers.

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Invicta Battle Circle

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Leaving Guild

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My fellow Invictians;

Some times in life you find a group of people you connect with and have a lot of fun with and it brings great joy to your life. This was the case several years ago when I joined invicta just prior to the launch of SWTOR. I've had a lot of fun with this guild and will hold so many of those memories in my heart and soul for a long time to come. Many of you also know that there have been several ups and downs in my life outside of game as well that have taken me away from the guild for periods of time before my return. This will not be one of those times. I'm not going to go into details as to why I am leaving, I'm not going to point fingers or state reasons; it is enough to say that I am just not having the same carefree fun and enjoyment that I used to have in this guild and it is time for me to move on.

Post 3.0 content

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I found a post on the SWTOR forums about stuff that they are working on that might come some time after 3.0 comes out. The first link is to the page that I found and the second is a link that was in the post.




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