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USS Traveller

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Had to enter my game code to log on last night so i got acess to my pre-order ship, which is the same one that was used in the original TeeVee shows. It looks old but comes with an extra engineering console slot and pretty blue phasers. It also seems to turn much better than the stock starter ships. It also takes a helluva lot more damage to take it down it seems. In the tradition of my naming theme I named it USS Traveller. Gonna hate to dock it when I get my next class.

Anyways, I'll post some screenshots of it in action soon.

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Tavern Event

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The First Fist of Light fleet is hosting a rp-tavern event at Quark's bar Sunday the 7th(today) at 6 pm est

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A couple of RP links

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Did some digging around on the STO forums and found these

RP tavern night at Quark's bar on DS9 this Thursday,2-4-10,at 9 pm est



The Star Trek Online Roleplayers site(just like Rel's Roleplayers Haven site)


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STO End of Beta Event

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"A massive Klingon Fleet is forming near Qo'noS for an invasion into Federation Territory. Klingon Warriors who wish to join this fleet may rendezvous near Qo'noS at 2pm PST (We're GMT -8 right now)."





I'll be working for this so I'll miss it... :(


"The Star Trek Online Beta ends tomorrow January 26th, at 6pm PST, head start begins on Friday at 10:00 am PST, and we have a few surprises in store to celebrate!"


Bah, I'll be working when headstart begins, but will be in as soon as I get home from work Friday.


As far as I can tell, there will be just one server (unless I missed an annoucment?) so we won't have any problems getting everyone on the same server that plans to play. if I hear otherwise, I'll post up here and we can try and decide on a server.

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Starbase 24

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Has anyone else done the Starbase 24 quest arc yet?

I just completed it and all I can say is "wow..."


About 20 of us teamed up to defend the Starbase from the Enemy and it was without a doubt, the most intense battle I have ever been in from all the games I have played.

Subscription Plans are up! Is the Lifetime or 1 year for you?

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I want to preface by saying that these special offers are not for everyone and if you believe that STO will not hold you attention for up to or over a year then I would not reccomend these options.


If however you feel you will be playing for a year or more, then check out the following page:


based on both price plans these could be valuable options for a long term player who plans to make STO any sort of home.

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Open beta = no NDA, so let's see some screenshots!


The U.S.S. Stonewall meets an untimly end at the hands of alien HAXX0RS! There is bug that let the alien battlecruiser get stuck inside an asteriod making him unhittable, but he was able to fire on me fully from within it.


The U.S.S. Stonewall up close. I love how they add the name to the ship, I really wasn't expecting that when they let us pick a ship name.



Another shot of the Stonewall



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STO Beta t00n Names

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Name: Shania

Ship: USS Touaine

F/K: Federation

Race: Human

Class: Science Officer



 Name: Leeloo

Ship: USS Fhloston

F/K: Federation

Race: Human

Class: Engineer


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Open Beta Starts 1/12...Who's in?

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I preordered from Atari to get to TOS uni's and was able to get the name Shania on the forums.  Who else is definitely in (besides the Boss, Ky and Kari)?

Maybe Ill be a joined Trill - that could be fun....





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Invicta Fleet Concepts

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Alright, so I don't know much about how guilds work in STO, but I figured we'd toss about some ideas for how we're going to approach things.

Now, I'll admit, I'm not sold on STO, though I'll likely at least play some the first month after it goes live.  I know Kyzafi's got an intense interest in it, so if we go beyond just messing around, that'll have to be up to him.  But I figured we could at least brainstorm a basic concept for the guild/fleet.

Right now, I'm thinking 'Invicta Fleet', one of the Fleets of the Federation, lead by an Admiral (me, at least at first), seconded by a Vice Admiral (Kyzafi, assuming he's game), supported by Commodores and, of course, the regular members would be Captains (since the game forces everyone to have their own starships, at least at first).


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