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A Belsavis Extraction - part 2 (FINAL)

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((This is how Nades got recruited in Henerkin's crew and how War`hal died))


Following the previous episode: A Belsavis Extraction - part 1


The Crew was held there by the guards for about an hour while the Warden was trying to contact Touren or Ateya. Eventually, he received an answer on his pad.

"Dear Warden Simmons,

I am Lady Ateya Julii of Alderaan.  CFO of Invicta Trade Co.  I can assure you, that both these men, and all members of their crew, are protected by authorised letters of mark and reprisal, issued by the senate, and ministry of commerce.

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A formal letter to Invicta Trade Company (IC)

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((OOC: This is a post RP of the IC meeting I had with Agoris, and how Lady Diamentes now has ties to Invicta Trade))

Captain Agoris-

I was informed by my daughter that you have a large shipping company, able to move vast amounts of cargo safely across the lands of Tyria.

I would like to propose an offer to you. One that I hope both of us will prosper from with astounding riches.

As my daughter told you, I am the Baron to a large diamond mining facility within Kytra. My predicament is finding a versatile methods of exporting my goods to the other various regions. I believe you could be the solution to this problem.

The tales of my daughters adventures and endeavours with such a fine gentelman have proven your worthiness to fufill such a noble deed as this.

Beach Party in Lion's Arch

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High Society
Beach Party in Lion's Arch


Lady Erikah would like to cordially invite you to an evening party near the shores of Lion's Arch for an evening of gallivanting on Saturday, the 6th of October at 8:00 pm EST. The event will be held near the shoreline. Casual attire is encouraged.


OOC Information (too long didn't read version):

Where: Beach of Lion's Arch (map below)
Who: Lady Erikah of Divinity's Reach
When: October 6th (Saturday) at 8 pm EST

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From the desk of Lord Synthesis: Attn Apprentice Jay

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Synthesis sat in her small office bent over her desk, a datapad in her hand.  Although she stared at the device her vision was elsewhere, replaying the evenings events.  The night had started off well enough, she had called her new Apprentice Jay to meet her on Alderaan where she explained to him that together they were going to retrieve an ancient artifact that she had learned had fallen into the hands of an ignorant Lord.  The 'attack' on the stronghold had a secondary purpose though, Synthesis planned on taking this time to evaluate her new apprentice and gauge his abilities and loyalty. 


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A Belsavis Extraction - part 1

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The Skull and the Crossbones were in the Belsavis orbit with their crew planning their stay. They took a job to go inside the prison and help fixing a gang problem. The Blood of Talath, the most violent Rattataki gang, were at it again with explosives and were threatening the wilderness outposts. They had to find who among the Rattataki was building the bombs and get rid of him, a simple bounty hunting jog for the most part. Simple until Camoni found out who it was. The target was called Nades inside the walls, he was an explosive expert and one of the most respected Blood of Talath member. He also happened to be a native of Belsavis, meaning that he was there because of his ancestors and technically, did not commit any crime against the Republic to get there. That made Henerkin smile with that killer smile he usually has when he is up to something.

The Long Road to Revenge - part 1

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(( This started as a background for my main char Aed'n as a kick off point for joining the ITC. It's longer than I'd planned, I guess I got a bit carried away with it but I figure the more you put in at the start the more options you have later for a story. Thanks for reading and I hope you don’t die of old age or boredom before the end . Comments are always welcome ))



He leaned back in the shadows, his eyes scanning the bar. Blinking hard he cycled through vision modes, UV, Infrared, back to visual. Everything seemed clear, at least the damn cyber implants worked he mused, even if they did itch like hell.

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Evie Inwudu

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((This is a little piece of Evie's history from before she was adopted by the Korsakov family.  I didn't have as much time as I would have liked but what the hell, right?  Here it is...))



Something was wrong-


The thought hovered just outside conscious thought.


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Frist post in Officers mess!

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HAH! First post cause I'm das boss here. MUHAHAHAHA! 

*Wait's for Nocts snarky comment to deflate his ego cause that's what Noct does best to this poor poor marine*


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Captain Agoris Korsakov, A History

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Name: Agoris Korsakov

Age: Aproximately 25

Parents: Lord Edward Korsakov and Lady Maria Korsakov of Kryta


Borin in Queensdale to a farmer and his wife who were killed serving in the Charr war. Though he doesn't know this he's only known his parents who raised him sense he was three. They are a noble house who are famed for supplying most of Kryta with their spirtis and ale. They own some farmland out in Queensdale and are part owners of several of the ale houses and Pubs accross Kryta. Unable to have children of their own they are also famous for adopting children lost in wars and other misfortunes. Their oldest, Agoris, now runs the face of the company and trust him to keep their orphanage and other efforts going around Kryta and beyond. 

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The Dark Journey

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  In an enclave, hidden away in the jungle outside of Kaas City, two robed men watched as several younglings practiced various Force techniques. Their attention was centered on a girl, her blue eyes closed tightly in concentration as she attempted to move a boulder the size of a landspeeder. Torrun leaned to whisper to Elder Jhorval. "Do you think she might be the one?"

  The older man contemplated the young girl, eyes widening slightly as the boulder quivered and rose an inch before settling back to the ground with a heavy thud. "The Force is incredibly strong in that one. True, she is young, but did you see that? Children her age are just learning to move rocks the size of your head and she was able to budge something weighing a ton..."

  Torrun nodded. There wasn't a member of the Order of Revan who hadn't been impressed with the abilities of Tamsu.

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Message available through the ITC channels and some Republic aligned underworld channels.

Submission Type:








Chiss needed for information about Csilla*



- Accessibility by outsiders?

- Underworld?

- Laws?


Paying well.



Henerkin Eisley.


*You will not have to go there yourself if you can't.


Tython and the Jedi Order

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(reposted from the blog area)


Tython and the Jedi Order

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A Hutt on his tail...

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((Those of you who hang out on Nar Shaddaa, Imperial or Republic, could have seen or heard about that scene, feel free to use it))


The crew of The Skull was kicking back a Red Light District cantina on Nar Shaddaa. Some were gambling, some were enjoying

good company and Henerkin was sitting in a dark corner sipping a very rare bland of vintage Wyrren straight from the bottle.

The day was going without any troubles beside a fight here and there, the usual in that den of spacers, spicheads and scum.

When someone tapped on Henerkin's shoulder again, he thought it was another junky picking up a fight, so he turned back and muttered "Alright, what now" Obviously annoyed.

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A stranger in a new world...

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Skar'lytt enters her ship, and with frustration throws her gear across the room.

"E chu ta!!", she yells

Her friend (Mako) comes down from the cockpit area and asks "What's wrong, girl?... you sound mad."

"Je have hard tee-tocky say Basic. Make others give strange face. Make je nobata happy.", Skar replies.

"Hey now, no need to get upset. Remember my first time speaking Huttese to you?"

Skar chuckles, "Uba call Ulwan koochoos. Je save uba du Wooky pateesa. "

"That smuggler was our bounty, remember?. Yeah, I called him an idiot. And I didn't see  his Wookie friend until it popped up from behind that crate"

Skar bursts into laughter.

"Laugh all you want, hon. Just remember who's doing most of the talking for you on Kaas with those Imperials"

"D'emperiolos are stupas."

"Fools, maybe... but they pay the bills here."

Skar sighs, then replies, "Yeah, Oto moulee-rah."

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The Raven

Submission Type:

Classified Hologram Image....

Subject: Prototype X-70B-2 Phantom... beta class, the Raven

Modifications: Enhanced thrusters and stability for precise manuverability. Design changes to improve it's stealth like signature. Weapons systems remain the same as the original. This class is more for discrete tactics, such as scouting enemy patrols and getting to destinations undetected.

Test pilot: Private 1st class, Zaslonyat. Due to increased success with her field operations, Intelligence wishes to expand her abilities. With a new ship like this, she will be able to slip into areas otherwise less accessible to the standard Phantom class. We felt the need for her to get her to objectives with the least detection as possible. Hopefully, our calculations proved us correct.

(wiki to the X-70B Phantom... interesting stuff))


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[Classified] Operation Yielding Krayt

Submission Type:





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Nightly News Network Holobroadcast: Slicing Scandal!

Submission Type:

[ The anchorwoman reading this piece is of the overly-cheerful, smug variety; clearly, bringing you this news amuses her greatly. ]

Good evening, 3N viewers! Scandal rocked the GalaxyNews world tonight, as word got out that someone had sliced into their broadcast recording! As you may recall, GalaxyNews was the first to announce the passing of Coruscant's beloved Jiralinde Vensaryien, an honor which apparently someone felt they didn't deserve! Two subsequent re-airings of their tribute piece were apparently sliced after the initial live broadcast, and all the holo-stills contained within replaced with images from last weeks Hutball championship! How embarrassing. An informant within GalaxyNews says they've pulled the recorded piece from their network holo-site until further notice. What a shame!




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ITC: Job Opening - Information Wanted: Vensaryien Estate

Submission Type:

~The Holocom flickers on, broadcasting a message over the company frequency. Captain Darish stands with his arms crossed, talking in a half-concerned voice~

"Listen up, Crew."

"I met with a fella the other day, claiming to be a caretaker for the Vensaryien family estate. For those of you unaware of the traffic on Coruscant, the name comes from a very wealthy family, and very prominent citizens of the planet. However, it would appear most of the family's heirs have deceased or otherwise disappeared. So somehow, for whatever reason, this spokesperson informed me that the remaining wealth of the family that hasn't already been dispersed, is to be given to the Company. I ain't gonna go into the numbers, or all the details of the arrangement the man discussed with me, but it's enough credits to raise eyebrows; this is coming up after the last known heir just recently passed."

Rooms and caverns

Submission Type:

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HoloNet Article: Obituary - Jiralinde Vensaryien

Submission Type:

[OOC Note: The following is created to preface a small storyline upcoming. The person discussed below is an NPC, so don't worry that you missed something important.

It is up to you if your character would see this, or be aware of it; however, the NPC discussed below is extremely famous on Coruscant, and across the HoloNet. Think not knowing who either Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie is - that's how out-of-touch a person would be to not at least recognize the name. That does not, of course, mean your character cares. :P ] 

Official Republic HoloNet Broadcast!

 It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Jiralinde Vensaryien, Coruscanti heiress and HoloNet personality. At this time, officials are releasing no details as to the cause of death. 

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Medical Documents - Zaslonyat Asteria- CONFIDENTIAL

Submission Type:

Subject # 7...

Name: Zaslonyat Asteria

Occupation: Private 1st Class, Special Forces, sniper division.

Candidate for DNA splicing serum experimentation...

Updated report...

The progress of our experimental project has had it's ups and downs. The squad chosen for this project has had many conflicting side effects. The Zabrak male we induced Rancor DNA to went insane, killing anything in site, including his own crew members. We had to confine and incarcerate him, indefinitely. The Twi'lek we tried Tauntaun DNA to in order to become agile became too docile. Others exposed to this procedure became delusional, and commited suicide.... How unfortunate.

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Unsecure transmittion to Lt. Kreele

Submission Type:

Lt. Kreele... this is Cipher Agent Zaslonyat.

A while back, during a meeting, we were advised to come up with codenames for ourselves.

After much studies within the libraries, I've found a name fitting my profile and abilities.

It would honor me if you could use this name in further operations I perform for you and the organization.

The name.... Lynx. It's mythology astounds me, and ties much to how I do things.

Thank you.

Zaslonyat out.....


IC Event: "What's in my Drink?"

Submission Type:



A notice has been posted that all Invicta Trade Company members are invited to a partyat the Dealer's Den on Coruscant. Attendance is highly encouraged and drinks will be provided courtesy of the company.



When: August 4th, Saturday, 8:30 pm EST
Where: Ufora Cantina, Nar Shaddaa

Event information:

Here is the game:

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Dirty little secret.... (Zaslonyat)

Submission Type:

(( Inspired by this song... Queensryche- "The Needle Lies" ... lyrics are in the video's description. I've always loved this band, and have their logo as a tattoo))



Waking up, Zaslonyat beings to shivver and shake...

"Oh no, not again... Damn you, Intelligence, using my squad as test subjects!!"

Opening a closet drawer, she pulls out some items and sets them on the table.

In a small bowl, Zas mixes up some chemicals and pours the contents into a small vial.

Grabbing a a cloth strap, she ties it around her upper arm and begins to sing...

"One..Two...Whatcha gonna do?"

Taking the vial, she places it into an injector.

"Three... Four... always wanting more..."

Takes her free hand and starts tapping her arm to expose a vein.

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@ITC MANAGEMENT: Opperation Report.

Submission Type:

((A follow up on that post http://www.ordoinvicta.com/home/forums/submission-type/skull-and-crossbone-opperation-naboo))


On the ITC frequecy:

Hey y'all, Ateya, Touren you got your ears on ?

How much y'all think I should get for an Imperial Fleet Admiral and Noble Imperial Loyalist frozen in carbonite these days ?

I also have some footages that could pretty much ruin his rep, depending on what we decide to do with him.

I'll also send the footage of the opperation for you to know how it was done and to know why y'all catching some heat if you do, especially from a young ligntning spittin' witch we left alive.


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The Skull and Crossbones: Opperation Naboo

Submission Type:

((A follow up on this post http://www.ordoinvicta.com/home/adventurerp/tunnel-rat-9-est-sunday-20th#comment-16147))


On The ITC frequecy two months ago:

*Sound of heavy hitting bolts on metal and ship alarm* This is Henerkin.... *static* Taking heavy fire... *static* double crossing son of a hutt,,,  *static* crash on Tatooine for repair. Over and out *Explosion*



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