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Message to Zorion from Henerkin.

Submission Type:

Zorion, you table flipper, got your ears on?

You best get a hold on Management soon, I dunno who they pissed off but this brought heat on all of us.

I'm sending this to you cause they don't seem to answer me anymore. Try not to hide it under a table.

A holo of the bounty is attached.

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Bounty: Cancled. Client to owe Cancelation Fee of 750000

Submission Type:

:: The following holo poster would begin popping up at space terminals, public offices, and circulating through seedier establishments:: 


Name: Trixie Malone, AKA 'Trouble' AKA Trouble Malone

Age: Unknown. Estimated in between 18-23

Homeworld: Unknown. Likely worlds Corellia, Dantooine, Tatooine

Organisation: Invicta Trade Company

Known Associates: Capt. Touren Darish, Capt. Henerkin Eisley, Bordo the Hutt, Thrace Trall, (list of accociates seems extensive)

Be on the look out for: Freighter Class Star Ship: "The Lance", "The Skull", "Bones"


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A glimpse into the past III

Submission Type:

(( here is some more background with treize, one can only wonder how this all will play out if this specific project was ever discovered...))


The soft beeping of diagnostic devices echo through the lab as objects floated in small containers and screens flickered with information. The shuffle of feet with a slight whine of servos echoed loudly in the still room as a man with shoulder length, stringy and oiled looking white hair moved up to the kolto tank near the far end. His stark pure white eyes glinted with deranged excitement at the figure floating inside.

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50 Shades of Dreh

Submission Type:

Drehpehs slowly stretched has arms and back as he woke up from one of the most pleasant night's sleep in ages.Beside him Novah moaned slightly as her human pillow moved and she shifted slightly curling into him more closely and gave him a weak, sleepy hug.Dreh returned the embrace and kissed her on the top of her head before letting out a peaceful sigh and sliding out of bed to get ready for the day.He looked back at Novah smiling as he pulled on a shirt."Yep" he thought to himself "today was going to be a great day."


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A glimpse into the past II

Submission Type:

 The bridge was silent, he preferred it that way, no useless chatter. If there was one thing Vosse disliked, it was useless talking. His eyes scanned across the consoles; everything inworking order, no ships on scanner, holo net activity relatively silent...hold on.

He shifts and inputs the command code for the transmission coming in, listening to the soft whine of the holo projector coming to life and taking form of a symbol rather than a person.

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Submission Type:


((This Is starting where the previous part ended.)



Henerkin looked at Dori and said "You know, sometimes, forgiveness is just not an option, what they did, just gotta get back to them. I might not be too keen about selling them as slaves for obvious reasons, but they will all dry up under the sun of Tatooine, I promise you that."

Dori: "Are they the same who took me from my family? I was not always a slave, you know? I remember Mom and Dad and that island where we lived on Ord Mantell. Can we go there someday to see them?"

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Attention all Auxiliaries

Submission Type:

To: All Auxiliaries

CC: Count Noctifer


This is a reminder that we are contracted by Count Noctifer strictly for combat situations. Outside of combat any orders are to come through me or Lieutenant Drehpehs. Any unauthorized commands should not be followed and reported to me as soon as possible.


Good hunting,



Auxiliary Commander, Project Invicta

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Cleaner One: Assassin Droid? Bounty Hunter? Organization?

Submission Type:

((This is an article found on the nar Shadda Holonet about a mysterious bounty hunter))

Cleaner One: Assassin Droid? Bounty Hunter? Organization? 


Fellow citizens of Hutt space, There is an interesting addition to the Hutt Cartel's card deck.Imagine a Bounty Hunter that delivers, takes his payment but you never see. Still the jobs are getting done clean and fast. One single shot to the head in most cases. How do we know ? Our sources were kind enough too show us some footage of the executions. Yes, they were all recorded. How would that be possible? A droid.


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Records Public & Classified (Handler/Observer Needed)

Submission Type:

((Right, so, Vex'acius is my Empire main, but I figure I'll need a break from playing the crazy asshole every now and then. The only thing is this alt concept kind of requires someone to keep an eye on him. Could be another Agent, or a Sith assigned to observe as an outsider. So, I present to you...))

Caidin Lasker, Cybernetic Mind Slave

Brief Description
An automaton rebuilt and reprogrammed by Imperial scientists, it’s at times difficult to believe Lasker was ever human to begin with, as was their intent. Lasker’s badly scarred face is, by default, completely impassive. He speaks with a clipped Imperial accent, in a voice equally devoid of emotion. Though he’s an exemplary agent, he’s hardly a perfect construct. Every now and then the mask cracks, his voice wavers, and... that’s generally when he injects something directly into his neck.

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Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here.

Submission Type:

I'm begining to miss Derry more and more Tongue Out


That is a rocket.  Juding by the direction it came from, we think it was an Isreali Iron Dome rocket, trying to shoot down an Hamas rocket.

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Submission Type:

((OOC: This is the first part of a Synthesis story.  The events take place alternating between events leading up to and during the Party Cruise.  I hope it isn't too confusing all the jumping around.  ))


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Alderaan Campaign: Intro

Submission Type:

Attn: Count Noctifer, Kreele, Ostillio, Ratlash and the rest of Project Invicta. 

From: Lady Synthesis: Imperial Reclamation Services: Alderaan Branch

Honor among killers

Submission Type:

[abit of stories leading up to her joining Invicta... :D enjoy]

NaNo 5: When the music stops, part 4

Submission Type:

The tapping woke her. Noctifer stood at the console at the foot of her bed. She sat up and winced. "Bah... hoping it was all a bad dream. Hello Nocty... or would you prefer, Greetings Your Grace?"

She poked at her feet. "Hmm, I cannot tell. What is the prognosis? Will they recover? Seriously, letting your cousin get frostbitten. Was that really necessary Nocty?" Warily Rafy, tread warily. You are in the nexu's den now. And by the looks of things back on Serenno. Varn palace... the winter palace?

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Path of Rage: Cold Hate and Icy Rage

Submission Type:

((content warning: violence and torture, breif but may be disturbing to some.  A touch of Lavaeus at work.))

NaNo 4: When the music stops, part 3

Submission Type:

Forced into this kneeling position as she was, she realised that she could no longer feel her feet, nor indeed her shins or the front of her knees. A flurry of snow that mimicked the lack of clarity in her brain... through both she came up with a random different tack to try. "Remember Noctifer, it might be unwise to provoke an incident. The Carlyle sweeteners are needed in processing your agricultural produce." But the wind whipped away her words and she realised that Noctifer was staring forward not at her now.

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Chiss Studies and Observations Group

Submission Type:

From: The Office of Syndic Tor’Thrawl, CEDF, Defence Fleet

To: The Count Noctifer of House Varn of Serenno, Pater Familias of House Sanguis, Grand Master of the Watchful Order of the Shrouded Dawn

Subject: CEDF Studies and Observations Group

Body: My most esteemed ally, Count Noctifer’Varn

I have received the proposal from yourself and Capt. Ziah’Synex, and she has consulted me personally as to the validity of the operation. Due to the benefits which would bestow both our parties, I have approved the operation, and will be assigning a formal group, heretofore known as the Studies and Observations Group, within your organization to be placed under your usage and command.

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Submission Type:

(I'm not new to writing, but new to this whole RP thing, so be gentle with me, k? :P)

"Can you hear anything," she heard her sister whisper.


NaNo 3: When the music stops, part 2

Submission Type:

It was the cold that cut through the drugs they had given her. Icy blasts, flakes landing on her eyelashes, the wind cutting through her unsuitable clothing, the chill of hardpacked snow under her from knees to toes. It took a moment for her mind to clear, to register the slave collar round her neck, the bindings about her wrists. She blinked, seeing a purple and silver robe before her. Purple and silver, certainly not jedi colours. Sheesh, you're not at a fashion show now, Rafy. Focus!

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"Once Upon A War"

Submission Type:

Chapter 16: "The Final Bound"


NaNo 2: When the music stops, part 1

Submission Type:

"Thank you for coming, Scouter."

"See now, I can explain."

He looked up sharply from his datapad at the smiling woman, always ready with a snappy retort. Some might say she dressed snappily too. Far too finely for a lowly freighter pilot, in blue and impractical white.

"Then you do know what this is about?"

"It's like this. Ateya hired me knowing I'm a party animal. I get a bit of leeway. I get the jobs done, all of them. One or two maybe a couple of days late is all."

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A glimpse into the past...

Submission Type:

((Some back story to wonder about that I thought would be an interesting bit to share...))


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Sacuro's Log - Reassigned-

Submission Type:

((with the Chiss vibe going after reading some other peoples stuff and a lot of the information online I wanted to make a proper Chiss, or as close to one as I can manage.  So introducing Raith’Sacuro’Nuruodo.  Enjoy))


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Synex: Mission Complete

Submission Type:

(This is a very long, very wordy, over indulgent story.)

(The purpose of this story, is to bring an end to the first chapter of Synex’s RP life, and transition into the second chapter.  More than that, it explains what she was doing in the Imperial Navy for five years, and what has brought about the changes with her, and tells of the beginning of the new Chiss group within Project Invicta.)

(It also gives an unfiltered view of her outlook on Humans, the Sith, the Empire, and life in general.  You’re also rewarded at the end with a glimpse into Synex’s personal past.)

(For those of you that are bored enough to sit through all this, I hope you enjoy.)

(La Trix)

NaNo 1: the pilot's first kill

Submission Type:

As part of NaNoWriMo, some snippets from my characters' lives as they have played out the past 6 months since I started SWToR.



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Can You Really Come Home?

Submission Type:

((a little follow up and a bit more background for my Chiss, she also appears in a couple of other stories as a supporting character.  Enjoy))

The echo of her footfalls echoed in the corridor as Jaakra made her way back toward the speeder landing pad.  This had been the first time in over five years she had set foot in Imperial Intelligence HQ.  She had come under the pretense of a job and had gotten far more than she’d bargained; far more.

Ghostshadow: ( Am'ina Intro and Story. ) Part 1

Submission Type:


One Year Ago – Geonosis (Also known as Geonosia to natives)

                Solar Winds whipped the sand up off the planet’s surface. In another few hours, all would be calm again. In the distance, the hum and whine of gears and machinery churned from the droid factory. Here within the carved in enclave of a home was the House of  Galin, a sith family sent to represent  the Empire’s interests with Genosia.  Lord  Fa’lin Rhecor was the patriarch of the respective house, with his wife,  Thi’leyre at his side.

A encrypted appearing on a series of

Submission Type:

To whom it may concern...

Recently the Ascendency has confirmed the existance of small private organization funded by the Imperial hierarchy previously unkown to our society. We believe that our considerable resources and specially trained forces may be of assiatance to this organization. 

The treaty of Cisilla has placed certain requirements upon the Ascendency in exchange for the Imperials support. One of those requirements placed upon us is to provide professional and expert personale within the Empire and as we have no currently established representitive within this society we have sought as always to improve our service to the Empire.

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Jedi Hunter

Submission Type:

Bounty Hunters are known for many things and just as many names, but the one title that strikes fear more than any other is "Jedi Killers". Many a hunter pride themselves for their ability to fight against even defeat Jedi, but one such gun for hire takes it to a higher level. 

Torkas Sheridan has a growing reknown for being the prime example of a "Jedi Killer". Always taking the iconic Lightsaber hilt from each kill, the vast number she has already accquired would make a Sith bow in respect ( Though never happens). Jedi Masters, Council Leaders, Battlemasters, Sages, Guardians, even lowly apprentices have fallen to the feet of this unflinching Warrior. The living embodiment of ancient Amazons, Torkas takes almost a sick pleasure in killing those with the Force.

Her outright hatred for all Jedi came from a single devistaing event when she was a mere child.


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