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Name: Trixik Ma’Lhoine


Trixie “Trouble” Malone

Sidney Truestar

Ella Fitzgerald

Contessa Francisca Lunesta

Race/Gender: Human Female

Age: 22

Height: 1.57 m

Weight: 44 kg

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Planet of Origin:  Kowak


Suspect was arrested and has been charged with the murder of Jedi Master Gorran Sim.

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WEEKLY UNDERWORLD NEWS: Double Dealing Space Pirate Arrested in an Attempt on Chancellor Saresh's Life

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Double Dealing Space Pirate Arrested in an Attempt on Chancellor Saresh's Life


House Organa, Alderaan.

Lokian Pirate Captain Spades, of The Mynock who was known for his activity in the Outer Rim with the Juhando Fleet and his work with the Clan Kilgar Mandalorians has been revealed to be in fact the Tatooinian Henerkin Eisley,Captain of The Skull, former Republic Privateer, when an attempt on Supreme Chancellor Saresh's life was folded by Republic heroes.

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INVICTA MISSION - STORY RP - Opportunity Knocks (05.31.2013)

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(A multi-stage Roleplay Event for Project Invicta)

The Republic and the Jedi Knights have pushed back hard with the reopening of hostilities. The Second Great Galactic War is upon us, and Imperial worlds are falling left and right. The recent victories on the resource rich world of Makeb are heartening, but ultimately will not be enough to stop the tide of Republic aggression and military gains. With more population, more soldiers, more weapons, more ships, and more Jedi than there are Sith, it is only a matter of time before the Empire is laid to waste and the Imperial way of life comes to an end.

Street Urchin

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 On an old model D-4 Mantis, an annoying beeping starts to be heard through the ship. On an unkept bed, under worn, tattered blankets a groaning growl is heard followed by a curse in a combination of Huttese and Basic. 

"Echuta, son o' a motherless hutt. Karkin calls at... "A head with a tangled heap of red hair pops out of the covers, tryin to grab her clock and turn it to her. She peers at it all bleary eyed. "Loca Koochoo.... Schutta!" she bellows out in her childhood language of Nar Shadda. 

The woman stumbles out of bed, as always, her own pajamas, her underwear. She is a bit thin do to spice use. Her body collecting more scars each month from her apathy about her own safety. She scratchs at the healing blaster burn now covering her side. Walking through her ship, either not noticing or not caring the bitter coldness seeping up through the metal floors as she makes her way to the cockpit and the intercom.  Slapping a hand on a button.

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Damaged Files (Chii's Diary)

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>>>&$h@#fP**%%out and about in the galaxy again. I thought you liked the ship, but they said you made some excuse about it being part of why you had to leave. Just thought you’d like to know I’m out on assignment, if that mattered.

I don’t know why I keep writing these. The only place I’m saving them is in the neural uplink files – if you’re actually seeing this, I either found you and didn’t need to keep a record, or I’m dead and someone knew where to look to find them, then decode them.

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-Orade, Rahm - Soldier -

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Perspective Shift

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All the stories said there would be no dreams.


Inasmuch as it was possible to be the worst acolyte on Korriban and still be alive, she was. Everyone knew it, and made no attempts to hide it. Her peers mocked her to her face, her instructors gave her the shittiest tasks. She always got stuck with lavatory duty when the chore rosters came up, and she didn’t have enough leverage or influence to get anyone to trade.

But she was alive, and that’s all she really cared about.

That, and hating each and every one of them.

Auxilary's Meeting

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There will be a meeting for Auxilary members on May 7 at 8pm CST on Nar Shadda at the Market exchange bar.

This will be a IC meet and greet meeting for Auxilary Members. We will be icly discussing the changes with in the Auxiliarys and future plans. 

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Promotion Ceremony and Sith RP Meeting

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Attention Invicta,


The presence of all Sith are requested to attend the elevation of Apprentice Holgerjay to the title of Lord Holgerjay.  When a Sith is raised to a higher level, it should act as a reminder to all of us, to constantly strive to better ourselves.

As such, from this point forward, when Apprentices attain the rank of Lord, we will be called upon to honour their accomplishments.

The events will be held, where all our journeys began.  At the Academy on Korriban.  Sunday, 9PM CST.

That is all.


((After the event, we will have an OOC meeting, to discuss the state of Sith RP in the guild, and discuss ideas on how to re-invigorate the Sith Division, and find a new way to run it.  Once again, bring your opinions and ideas, and don’t keep them to yourself.  Greatly looking forward to this.))

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Leadership Change

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Attention all members of Project Invicta.  

This is Lady Belatrix.

For those of you whom were outside of communication range, or were unable to monitor station traffic, Count Noctifier has been reassigned to his home world of Serenno, to deal with a Republic backed uprising.  We wish him the greatest of success in his endeavours to halt the Republic’s incursion into sovereign Imperial soil.

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A Previous Life

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((Okay, so I've been wanting to get this written up since forever, but keep putting it off - Drikkah's life before leaving home space. I will probably be posting this up in bitesize parts rather than huge chunks, just to keep myself motivated, or I know I'll just end up shelving it again.))

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Submission Type:

<From: General Rahm Orade>
<To: Project Invicta - et al>
<Subject: Republic piracy and rebuilding efforts on TARIS>

<Imperial forces on the ruined city planet of Taris struggle to put a halt to the Republic's efforts to recolonize and rebuild the infrastructure. Private mercenaries under contract by the Senate and the Jedi augment their forces, and the Jedi themselves have a heavy presence on the planet. All Project Invicta forces available are requested to be in orbit over Hoth no later than 20:00 hours Coruscant Standard Time(8pm CST) this Friday. Hazard pay will be discussed upon arrival..>

<Respond to this message ASAP if you can extract yourself from your current mission and divert to Taris at the appropriate time.>

<Victory for the Empire.>

<end message>

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(A text message flashes on your datapad. When you open it, the following is displayed.)

<From: General Rahm Orade>
<To: Project Invicta - et al>
<Subject: Republic incursion on Hoth>

<Imperial forces on the strategically significant ice planet of Hoth are under siege by the Republic military. The Republic must not be allowed to prevail and reclaim the technology from their lost military vessels. All Project Invicta forces available are requested to be in orbit over Hoth no later than 20:00 hours Coruscant Standard Time(8pm CST) this Friday. Hazard pay will be discussed upon arrival. Bring cold weather gear. Tank-tops are not advisable.>

<Attached is a detailed summary of what this mission will entail.>

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Korth'al Intro

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“Name, Korth’al. Rank, none of your krething business.”

Korth’al  had spat this line out over and over again at his captors he wasn’t really paying attention to the questions anymore. He was now looking for avenues of escape from his prison on whatever planet they had shipped him to. Judging by how his captors smelled like bantha shit most times it wasn’t a core world but he wasn’t sure how far they would go to throw him off. He was snapped out of his analysis by another person entering the room. Judging by his interrogators face she wasn’t supposed to come in but come in she had.

“Get out Sha’tha. I am not to be interrupted.”

The woman looked down at the floor sheepishly. “I’m sorry, sir but his vitals are odd. I need to check him or he won’t be able to spew that line at you for much longer.”

Game director

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It appears Craig has steped aside and there is a new game director for AOC, TSW, and AO.



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*TSW* Sister Janice Smithe aka 'M-126'

Submission Type:

(( this is a short story aboutn a Character in The Secret World I hope you enjoy it

DB ))

Justice in the Sith Empire

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Leaning against the corner, his armor slightly dirt from the trip.  His helmet turns side to side as his visor catches the faces of those passing by.  The reflection clearly displayed, some even catch a glance before turning away not sure if they should look.  Behind the visor his eye shifts looking at everyone, but concentrating on one.  His eye squint for a moment, familiar outlines, features and colors in the face.  Could this be his target?  

As the person walks by, they have to walk of a sith, confident, arrogant, and flowing of hate.  The sith passes, he references the face, "Yes" it is his target.  The man turns slowly and quietly as not to rattle the sith, he follows.  The man keeps a comfortable distance between the two but always seems to have an eye on him.  The sith turns the corner and enters a small building, possible the sith's residence, or an office, the building was to plain to tell.

Sharing a lil AoC rp

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Underworld Update - Crime Lord Ratlash Killed in Double-Cross

Submission Type:

((An Underworld Update for all you find people with underworld characters))

Information from several reliable sources suggest that several days ago Ratlash, a known crime lord, specializing in underworld trading of goods and secrets, was killed in a double-cross on Hutta. Apparently Ratlash, alone  walked into a trap, disguised as the sale of a rare artifact. The corpse was found and is in the custody of Beelu the Hutt.

Taking credit for the kill is the crime organization known as the Fawkez gang. Ratlash and the Fawkez gang were known rivals in underworld dealing.  The Fawkez gang is expected to attempt to aquire the contacts and current deals of the deceased twi'lek. Business as usual.

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Incoming Transmition to all Intelligence Personnel

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<<<Incoming Transmition>>>


Attention Intelligence personnel of Project Invicta.

This is Captain Synex speaking.

You have all, no doubt, heard of the unfortunate passing of our leader, Commander Ratlash.  While we grieve the loss of such a…colourful colleague, however, our enemies do not, and we must maintain our convection and resolve.

As such, His Grace, Count Noctifier, has seen fit to place me at the head of Invicta’s Intelligence Branch.  My first order of business is to remind you all, that Commander Ratlash created this department through her hard work and unmatched cunning.  She is to be remembered as the standard by which we all measure ourselves.  We will continue to perform to the same standard of perfection which she set for us.

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Captain Eisley`s Pirate Code

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Someone asked on SWTOR-RP if our characters lived by a code and it made me think of this as a code Henerkin and his crew could live by.

The Skull`s Pirate Code.

1. It starts with the Jolly Roger, It end with the Jolly Roger.
2. The crew is Family.
3. Family before Loot.
4. Loot before Pirates.
5. Pirates before everyone else.
6. Problems within the Pirates are settled with words before blood.
7. If words fail, Keelhaul it shall be.
8. Once given to a fellow Pirate, a Pirate's word is his bond.
9. Loose lips sink ships, never rat on a fellow Pirate.
10.There will be no forgiveness, Vengeance voids the code.


Partly inspired by the Traveler code from FE and as you see there is a lot of room for interpretation, on purpose.

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Mandalorian Military Ranks

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New Master

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A day on The Skull.

Submission Type:

((This is a pirate story I made for the Crime Spree thread of The Black Barge Collective. http://www.swtor-rp.com/ebonhawk/m/3285754/viewthread/5252823-black-barge-collective-crime-spree-open-undeworld-story-thread/post/last#last  ))



- The Ship: The Skull -

Now on its 7th captain, The Skull is a 187 years old pirate ship based on a Corellian XB Freighter, the ancestor of the more common XS. The name came from the massive skull at the front, often used as a ram. It's rusty and looks derelict, but it's one of the toughest ships of its class. Some say it's even haunted, but none could ever confirm. The Captain says its only malfunctions of an old ship but some of the crew really believe it is haunted.


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Anachris - Backstory

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(ooc: this is a bit of Anachris' story leading up to her meeting Poison and getting involved with PI/Clan Kilgar)

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Knight Jonos

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Glasses clink and the girls chatted over the whiskey. After the path was set, they got to relaxing and moved to the main room. The red haired girl seemed dwarfed in size next to the muscle bound blond, but that didn't stop her brat like behavior. Who would blame her? She was practically blackmailed into being a pilot, mechanic, medic, and thief for her. Many glasses were drained, mainly by the red head. Seven glasses passed. "Y'know wot I like 'bout ye sithie?" She looked over. "Wot?" A grin cracked her lips. "Nuffin'." She busted up laughing but soon after, she fell asleep. The blonde gal sighed in relief and waited a moment before checking if she was asleep.



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