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Imperial Bounty Office - WANTED: Ostilio Kilgar

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*The following is an open bounty, that could easily be found on the Imperial Bounty Database*

Aquiring Bounty Information. . .

Information found. . .

Loading . . .

(Admin: Moved the picture below the break, it was mucking up the page)

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IC Meeting for ITC

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((While the Company is meeting aboard the Gav Dragon, the meeting is transmitted over the companies holo frequency, so even members that aren’t able to attend, are able to hear, first hand, about the new direction of things, and ask questions.))

(And questions, both ICly, (and OOCly, just use brackets) can be asked here, as if they were asked in real time during the meeting.)

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Invicta United Huttball Club!

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We are now formally announcing the formation of Invicta's new IC Huttball club, "Invicta United Huttball Club"

Here's how we're planning on it to work.

Team Roster:

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The Diary of Trixie Malone

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(This is intended to be a companion piece to Touren's War Journal, but can be also be read as a stand alone story, as it's WAY better than Touren's Tongue Out.   JK of course, his is brilliant.)

(This story starts in a small villiage of mud farmers, in a valley called Icarus Valley, on a back water planet called Kowak.  The farmers have unfortunatly made their home amongst some ancient ruins, which no one seems to know the origion of.  Amongst these farmers, is a family called the Malone family.  The parents are named Michael and Molly.  They have two children, named Liam and Trixie.  This diary, as seen in the title, is spoken by an eight year old Trixie.)

(I hope you enjoy)


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