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In Character

The Taming

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ITC Operation Silver Crow

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((All ITC employees recieve this secured transmition in thier holomail))



Dear ITC associates,

As many of you have learned, there was a recent security breach of sensitive information on ITC employees and operations.

A recent recovery operation was able to destroy a holodisc which supposedly contained the information, however this cannot be confirmed.  During the operation, one of our own, 1st Mate Trixie Malone, was severely injured, and is in critical condition.  The lasting extent of her injuries will not fully be known, until she is awaken from kolto sleep.

This attack will not be tolerated.

Ostilio's Journal

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Journal Entry #1


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The Skull lives again (Random open RP conversation on the ITC Channel)

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After being attacked by an imperial cruiser and crashing on Tatooine last week, the Skull went through heavy repairs and is now back in business.

Now on the ITC channel:

*Sound of rusty metal crackling and reactor powering up*

Henerkin :''Houdy Folks!, The Skull is flying again and Hell Itself follows with us. Whats new on the ITC channel? We've been forced to silence for a bit''

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Agoris entered his ship to the usual pleading of the droid in the corner that he fully ignored 99.9% of the time. He did not stop till he reached his chambers and got to the chest of drawers that housed what little personal items he had. The first being the holocron that his father left him of all his exploits. He laid it on the edge of the bed and activated it. 


Softness and silence

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Xia'mara slowly walks up the ship, each step  making her stomach scream in pain. She carefully hits the switch to raise the ramp. The moment it locks down she slumps against the door, her head braced back against the cold metal. The soft coldness she had maintainted fleeing as she pales. She stumbles towards her bedroom, stripping off her clothes from her deceptivly frail form. She bites back a moan as it sticks to the  blaster burns on her torso. 


She gently tends to her own wounds, having not trusted any of the others to see to her. Her time with the Sith has taught her well. You can not trust any, espeically if they wear a friendly face. Each time at the Academy that she forgot that all too important rule, she paid for it.  She lays on the cool sheets, trying to distract herself by going over the past few weeks.


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the void

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The Becoming.

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The Wolf at the Gate - Telemacus Part III

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For nine of days and eight of nights the snowy peak had been sole witness to their titanic struggle. But now, on the ninth night, the Moon at last arose from slumber and so the Wolf and the Horse paused to lick their wounds. They circled the fire, thundering hooves and terrible paws crunching the ever-falling snow while plumes of breath conveyed their conversation.

The Wolf spoke first, and the fire gave out. “You earn the right. What do you ask?”

The Horse shook his mane, and the stars shone brighter. “I seek a boon for mine. Will you grant it?”

The Wolf crouched low, and the wind bit through fur. “I take all I want. What offering do you bring?”

The Horse snorted once, and the trees closed about. “I ride to glory, and offer you half.”

A comic diversion - AoC open wolrd RP

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Corakh has just acquired himself a steed and as he ride this beauty at a steady trot through Khemi, he spots Mesh (Later Cirene turns up and the readers should know that Cirene told Corakh once she was an arse. Corakh thought it was her name...)


[Corakh]: Hello Fat man!

[Corakh] waves happily!

[Meshkatian]: How are you Corak

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WANTED: XVI [Imperial Open RP]

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((This is the Agent I'd like to get into Project Invicta but it might as well generate some RP while doing so :) ))

*This message from Imperial Intelligence can be seen in Drummond Kaas at the Cantina and other public places*


Reason: Defector. Must be brought back to the Empire's service by all means necessary.

Species: Chiss

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The Horse Finds a Home, Telemacus Part II

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Sargeant Pollitus sat at his desk with the Book of Orders, filling the page before him with meticulously drawn lines of text. Each name in the right order, each hour as it passes, each order as it is given. Attention to detail and a passion for order had gotten the sergeant elevated from patrol duty in Zelata to his current post, the daytime duty officer for the Knights of Poitain, the king’s Dragon Guards.

As he was blotting the page, he was interrupted by the sounds of a heavy stride on the stone stairway behind him. A lone figure, tall and imposing in Black Dragon armor, entered the room without comment and leaned on the window sill overlooking the courtyard. “What transpires below? I can hear the commotion from my chambers.”

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Twisted Sisters, (part 4.5- Exousia... exposed)

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OOC disclaimer: I've noticed I have been playing more with Exousia than I have Chae-ta. I enjoy the RP I have with her, hence, I may make her my main character, over Chae-ta. Normally, I would wait to add another chapteer in my tale, but I feel the need to add a tidbit more detail to this character, in order to make things more interesting. I'm making this chapter 4.5, since it deals with Exousia only. hope you enjoy this as much as I do in creating my evil Sith.


Reflecting on things that have occured to her recently, Exousia paces her room erratically. Wartohk enters the doorway, and looks upon her.

"You seem troubled, little one.", he questioned.

"Yes... something inside me stirs, and I must find it's source.", she tells Wartohk

Looking upon her star-map, her attention is drawn to a remote planet between Korriban and Zoist.

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The Blooding of Arcanarose

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 Take care Invicta


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Twisted Sisters (Part 4 -Confusion sets in...) *comments welcomed*

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As Exousia returns to her ship, after confronting Marissa, she slowly makes her way to her quarters. She is stopped by Wartohk on her way.

"She weakened you again, didn't she, little Sith", he asks.

"I wish not to discuss it, Wartohk... have our pilot plot a course for Quesh. We have unfinished business there", Exousia instructs.

"As you wish, Master", he replies.

"I wish to be left alone, to meditate", she adds.

Wartohk nods, and proceeds his way down the corridor.

Inside her room, Exousia kneels before her alter, and tears start to flow from her eyes.

"Why does Master do this? Why does he have such power over me? Better yet, why do I let him control me?", she asks herself.

Tuesday Night Expeditions ((Imp Side RP event))

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Tuesday Night Expeditions

* If there is no answer, please remember that your comm is important to us. Please leave your name, number and a brief message at the tone.


::What this is:: In Character (mostly) Roleplay (mostly) datacron hunting expedition event on Imperial side

::When is this:: Tuesday evenings (6PM PST, 6PM AZ, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 9PM EST)

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The Rogue's Road

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((a Little background story for my TOR Smuggler Car'tulak, with an appearance from my Agent Jaakra))

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The Skull: History Fragments Found

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For the keeper about Korriban (this was RP event by Nocifer)

Submission Type:

Keeper, I sent you some images I was able to pull from security feed on Korriban. People and Alien on these photos are Sith lords and their new apprentices. Also, the lords belong to PI or some association to them.

Admin: Below the break so as to not break the page...

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Twisted Sisters (Part 3 - The Truth Be Told...) *comments welcomed*

Submission Type:

Having been given instructions from her Master, Exousia sets a course for Corellia. Upon arrival at her family's mansion, she is stopped by two gaurds outside the main doorway.

"Halt, Sith... state your business here", one of the gaurds commands, as the two raise their blaster rifles to her. Exousia just shakes her head and smirks.

"Tell my father I wish to speak with him", shes orders the men.

"Uh... please wait here.", the gaurd replies, and slowly opens the large steel door.

A blast of energy rushes from Exousia, flinging the doors wide open and sending the two gaurds flying in the air. "I wait for no one", Exousia growls, as her and Wartok enter the building.

Just then, a stout gentleman rushes into the foyer and yells, "What's going on here? Who are you? What do you want?!!"

Exousia slowly raises her hooded head to stare into the eyes of the man.

Dirge to the Fallen: Lleilwin

Submission Type:

Invicta, 'tis with a somber heart an' one hell o' a heavy load that I tell ye that Lleilwin will ne'er be returnin ta the adventures an' duties o' the clan. In a brave charge, she slew a thousand o' Atzel's men an' cleaved a dragon in two- jus' in time fer her ta turn around an' break a demon thrice her size o'er her shoulders. Finally content with the carnage she'd left, she retired ta Valhalla. In this moment, I'd like ye all ta hear sumthin I put tagether in her memory.


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Character Info: Agoris Enyo Jr.

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::Public Imperial Record::

Name: Agoris Enyo Jr.

Occupation: Sith Marauder

Imperial Military Status: Passed trials on Korriban. Recruited to Project Invicta by member of Dark Council.

Age: Around 20

Linage: Mother Unknown. Father Agoris Enyo turned Jedi Shadow was undercover for the Dark Council ((See me for details should you think your character should have this information.))

Known History:

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Twisted Sisters (Part 2) *comments welcome*

Submission Type:

Chae-ta sits upon her bed in her starship quarters. Dominic pops his head in the doorway.

"Hey, Captain... sure was a blast on Balmorra, knocking those Imperials around, huh", he says, rather arrogantly.

Chae-ta replies, "Sure was..", sighing, holding her datapad to look upon her sister's image.

"You alright?", Dominic questions.

"Mmmhmm, just thinking. What if my sister was taken to Korriban? She could have been one of the many Sith we faught on Balmorra.", Chae replys.

"Casualities of war, hun", Krysta says as she passes the room. "You seen how corruption changed my father. If Sasha is a Sith, I'm sure she would not hesitate killing you... especially if you're working with the people we are now".

"I dunno, Krysta", Chae-ta replies, "Her and I were close once. Even if she was a monster, I'm sure she would feel something in her that would not have her harm me."

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Nairie: Wanted for Questioning

Submission Type:

This is an holo message sent to all ITC.

"Howdy, This is Henerkin, I am looking for a short blonde slicer named Nairie, AKA Little River. She stole a datapad I had to deliver to a Hutt. I need to recover that datapad in order get back on the good side of that Hutt, Otherwise, he might start being trouble, for me, or the company.

If you see her, let me know and try to hold her while I get there. I Just want to question her and get that datapad back before it creates an unneeded storm.

Of course I don't expect it to be free, You will be rewarded for you help when I get the datapad back."

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boondock baby

Submission Type:

the cheep motel room stunk of stale smoke , BBQ sause and a slither of light creeped threw the blinds.
the sound stackick from the holoscreen hung in the background as a woman throwing up in the bathroom could be herd.
squear in the middle of the room boondock lay on his back naked as the day he was born on the bed fastasleep with only the corner of a sheet covering his nethers.
his face glased with a mix of BBQ sause and spice as his gut heaved as he snored away.on the nightstand was his hollocom , a stack of credits , a fewviles of spice and a big  bottle of "greesy hutt" BBQ sause.

his holocom started to rattle

"FAT BOON MAN.....FAT BOON MAN!!!!......WAKE UP!!!!!" it was rayray the jawa incharge of his listanig posts

Legacy of Graeholm

Submission Type:

Help Wanted Ad ((Imperial side))

Submission Type:

Casual help wanted: Seeking adventure? Want to explore the galaxy?

People are required for assistance with expeditions and general business aquisitions. Seeking qualified sentients with experience in protection and defensive combat. Also required are sentients who may not be fighters, but who have skills in leadership, pathfinding, accounting or other applicable business skills.

Work may take place in dangerous and hazardous environments. May require lifting over 50 lbs. 

Successful applicants will be well compensated financially for their work. Individuals of all species, genders and nationalities are invited to apply. Equal opportunity employer. To apply, contact Ratlash @ holocomm frequency **555-TREASURE-HUNT**

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Twisted Sisters (RP-Part 1) **comments welcomed**

Submission Type:

((posting this in General, since I don't have access to the TOR section, yet.))

After a night of debauchery a the Dealer's Den, Chae-ta makes her way aboard her ship, and slowly walks toward her cabin to rest. Sitting on her bed, she pulls out her datapad, and stares at the image on the screen, sighing.

Dominic (Corso) glances into the room, seeing her unsettled, and asks, "Captain, are you alright?"

With a long, drawn out breath, she replies, "Hey Dom, I'm fine... just..."

Dominic enters the room and glances over Chae-ta's shoulder to the image on the screen, "Who's the lovely lady."

Smirking, and glancing up to him, Chae-ta say, "That's my older sister.. she was 16, then."

Smiling to Chaeta, he replies, "Ah, I can see the resemblance. I take it you miss her?"

Nodding, Chae adds, "Yep... a lot".


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