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Invicta’s Wall of Merit

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Invicta’s Wall of Merit is a list of those whom have distinguished themselves in service to the project. Whether on the field of battle or off, the wall of merit is a listing of the greatest of the great.

Honourees to the Wall of Merit receive one of the following medals.

The Medal of Fire: Awarded for exceptional aggression and skill on the field of battle. The Medal of Fire is awarded to those who show great skill at taking the fire in their souls, and channelling it at our enemies.

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GW2 Invicta Trade Company Background and Mission statement

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IC Background:

Lord Agoris Korsakov was born into priviledge among the elite in Divinities Reach. Unsatisfied with his life as a noble waiting to inherit his wealth he took over his father's company, the Invicta Trade Company, expanding its services to include Mercenary work as well as overseas trade and providing supplies to outposts in need. The Queen has thus looked the other way for some minor infractions when making deals to support the kingdom. With the company recently restuctured to support it's new trade of mercenaries for hire, Agoris now holds the title of Captain. He and his second in command Cognut are now looking to fill the ranks of the new ITC.


Now Hiring!

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Wufran: the Beginning

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Once they started the fire, that set all the other events in motion.

The fire quickly spread from the outbuildings to the stable, as fires are wont to do, when set in an area of timber and thatch buildings that had been drying for many seasons. Once the thatch on the stable roof caught, the horses started screaming in panic. The two steady old plow horses and the grey mare that was used for riding by the smith that called the stedding home, all were voicing their terror at the top of their lungs.

The young girl, started to rise from her hiding spot at the edge of the tree line. Her blue eyes were huge with tears, seeing the devastation of her home, and she just couldn't let the horses die too. Her brother reached for her but he was too late. The small, golden haired form darted for the burning stable.

"Freda! Come back..."

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Notes from the First Full Company Meeting, Middas, 26th day of Sun's Height, 2E 585

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((better late than never, eh?

Written in a flowing, but slightly Nordic handwriting, except for the signature, which is obviously in a rougher script))

Notes from the First Full Company Meeting
26th Day of Sun's Height
2E 585

More than a Masque

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Muffle Project [Story Hook, Small Project for anyone interested]

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This is open to all who wish to participate and is meant to be a small side-project to create IC enchanted talismans for guild members who want to harness a "Muffle" spell so that their clanking metal armor, metal parts on leather armor, or other similar 'noise-making' costume/jewelry is silenced for a time.

Goal:  Do stuff together.  Get to know others working on the project as well as for your own character development and RP fun.

Limitations once the talismans are made and the project is completed:

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The only sounds were the clop clopping of the horses’ hooves, the faint call of night birds and the occasional rumble of sleeping beasts. The woods dark on either side of her a faint glow on the Eastern horizon as she rode on. Aly’sande had managed to slip out of the Manor gate unseen walking the horse for more than a mile in the dark before she kicked him into a canter.

Long Traveled Roads Part 1 (NSFW)

Submission Type:

Author's note: I originally started this as a character sketch to get a better feel for Viatryx, and it became a full blown short story.  I did my best to stay as close to the lore as I know how while still being true to my own writing style and character.  As always all things Elder Scrolls are the property of Bethesda.  Also tagged NSFW for language, violence and some slight suggestive theming.     


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Post-Hoth Party!

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Post-Hoth Party!
7/13 9pm est.
Krayt's Nest (Privateers' Galactic Stronghold)

Y'all earned it! Come celebrate at The Krayt's Nest with Tatooine Frontier Music, Booze, Spice, gambling , dancers, Escorts and other sins.



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WEEKLY MERC CREW EVENT: Meeting / Job distribution -Thursday Jan 12 2017 - 9pm EST (8pm CST)

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Every Thirsday the Merc Crew will gather on the ISS Imvicta to discuss ongoing and upcoming jobs. This Thirsday will be the first meeting of that kind so we'll have an IC Par then an OOC part caus I;ll need your input on how we'll do things.
See you there!
Thursday Jan 12 2017 - 9pm EST (8pm CST)

Operation Code Keeper

Submission Type:

Attention Invicta Personnel

Recently Keeper Jar’rogen was captured by Zakuul forces, given the extremely sensitive nature of the information he possesses it is imperative that we recover him before he breaks under interrogation. All available personnel that can assist contact Darth Belatrix for assignment as quickly as possible.

Current information follows:

Zakuul personnel enlisted the aid of several Nar Shaddaa gangs to assist with capturing Keeper Jar’rogen, he was last seen being loaded, unconscious, aboard a ship with Skytrooper droids.

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Out in a meaningless system of a useless sector floats a nameless, uninhabited lump of rock. Assorted debris orbit it, too small to be moons, too many for anyone to notice one more.

Among the irregular rocks rests a ship, its transponder codes deliberately mangled, exterior markings so marred by scavenging as to be unrecognizable. The few patches of crimson outer hull left are too damaged to be useful to any but the most desperate. Engine casings, modified to accommodate larger and more powerful drives, sit empty. Wires drift in non-existant breezes. Most of the transparisteel viewports are cracked and broken - some from the outside, but alarmingly, most blown out from the inside.

It holds no escape pods. It carries no weaponry.

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((Everything in parenthesis is ooc ))
Hello this is an invite from your neighbor in Invicta to all the troublemakers of the casino! Yes Troublemakers. I am known as Doctor Raci and I have come up with an awesome way to let off some steam with all the fighting and death we do behind the scenes.

What must you do to be apart of the event? That's simple... look around your area (Your guild) for a special someone to be your partner as each team must have two members to compete. That's what we will focus on in week one. Establishing teams and setting up the first match. Then the following match it is up to each of the four people ((on both teams of the match.)) to fight and establish the winner within the ONE WEEK. Members of Invicta will be doing the same thing as this is opened to both under Darth Belatrix and Xilyia the magnificent.

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Teon and his toys.

Submission Type:

In search of the Doctor

Submission Type:

Information had been uncovered to the discovery of a prior member to Project Invicta.. Thursday 7/14/16 8:30pm start time, there will be a event to find more information on where this doctor might be.. The event will start on the ISS INVICTA. Thank you..

(Hope to start collecting people at 8pm, there will be a short brief, then the event. Most of the event will be free form, but some rolling might be required.)

Recruitment for I.T.T. [IC]

Submission Type:

I am looking for personal to fill out an Information and Technology Team in order to support Invicta operations more effectively and would like personal with the following skill sets.

- Slicing
- Maintain, repair, build and design technology devices
- Information gathering and analyzing

If you possess any of these skills and wish to assist Invicta in a support capacity contact me at once.

Keeper Jar'rogen

Suspect Hunt

Submission Type:

Attention Invicta personnel.

I require assistance in hunting down an individual, I have tracked the target to Viaken Spacedock and have found no evidence to indicate that the target has left.

I need personnel that can go to the station and search for the target. Enlisting outside help is authorized and to help incentivise assistance I have put aside a sum of credits that will reward those who have information.

Invicta personnel that assist will receive a bonus with their pay.

If you are interested in assisting in finding the target please reply to this message.

More information will be forthcoming in the coming days.

Keeper Jar'rogen

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Recon Team -ICE- Mission statement

Submission Type:

To serve Lady Belatrix and help overthrow the enemies of the 'true' Empire. To offer unto her nothing but the best and most highly trained experts. Bringing a wide range of expierence from surveillance or infiltration to assassination and sabotage. With only one goal and motive in sight.... to get the job done. First in and last out... we will leave our foes in chaos and 'ICE' if necessary to ensure a more orderly and better future.

-Ly'raci'antaya, tracker

Calling all Invicta

Submission Type:

Calling all Invicta. I am putting together a small reconnaissance team and am in need of a few key team members. I need the best of the best and have put together a trial to test your skills. If you have to think about whether or not you are good enough then the answer is already no. I'm told Invicta houses the best so let's prove it. If you are still interested contact me on channel 4617 for more details. Luthienn out.

OOC: I'm starting up an ongoing RP story that will span multiple events. Come try out for the initial small recon team. But even if you don't make the cut there will be a wider story arc with a larger cast needed. If you see me in game give me a shout and I'll make myself available to start off a quick trial.

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The Pirate Way: Trading routes acquired.

Submission Type:

Melkaio climbs off his speeder bike in could of dust, greeted by a protocol droid.
- Z8 : Greetings Master. I am pleased to see you again. Any news from Mos Ila?

- Melkaio: Got news? That we do! But from Hoth. I must see Captain Henerkin.

- Z8: You can find him in his office

- Melkaio: Thanks Z8!

The Rattataki walk through the yard where Rusty and four other Jawas are loudly arguing about a technical issue concerning the maintenance of a Sandcrawler. He keeps walking and salutes the Stagoro twins.

– Melkaio: Greeting Apo, Greetings Hyph.

As usual he confuses which is which like everyone else.
– Apo Stagoro: I’m Apo, He’s Hyph, Sir!
– Melkaio: I stand corrected.

He then crosses the path of Captain Cutie, she paths him on the shoulder with furry paw and gives him a welcoming wookiee growl.

– Melkaio: Glad to see you too big girl!

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Looks like Hen in game. made of clay.

Submission Type:

Wow... looks like Hen in game.
Credits: https://twitter.com/kjubei

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Operation White Noise

Submission Type:

Sunday, 24 April, as 9PM CST
The Shooting Star Casino has taken survalence footage of a hanger on Nar Shadda, being used by the Zakuul to conduct unkown operations. Sunday, with assistance from our allies inthe Shooting Star Casino, we will assault the hanger, destroy the defenders, and sieze all information and materials which we deem nessecary for the security of the Resistance. This is a general call to arms for all warriors of the Imperial Resisitance.
OOC: We'll be hitting this area along with our friends in the Shooting Star Casino guild. The area we'll be using is the Nar Shadda heroic zone for the mission "Pound of Flesh". If you want to check the area out ahead of time, you can run the heroic from and heroic terminal. I'm estimating a two hour mission, as we'll use a far simpler version of our rolling system.


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