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Rose Kershaw

Home Thoughts, from Abroad: Holly's Journal


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...Ha! The desert heat is still unrelenting...O, to be in England...For April was no better here. Though the winter was chill indeed. Why did I ever choose to take a holiday in America!? I hate this place! I hate this time!

No, that was not how I planned to commence.


*over on the flyleaf, a little fainter than on the page after, the ink fading through the writing*

In Memoriam

Dylan Oliver Nils Quint

Elanor-Rose Dench Quint

Ivy Trixana Nils Quint


Desert Rose: an inner monologue


Once plucked beauty fades

Delicate flowers fall fast

Desert rose needs thorns


Damn! Damn! Damn! In seeking to protect myself did I remove my own thorns?





22nd November 2157.

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