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Rodenberry the Rat

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -10-


Wednesday 06:45hrs:   Motel Parking Lot Credit Bend

From the moment Zane had glided into town on his bike, they’d been watching him, if it could be sold, bought or traded for Travelers were aware of it, so there was a pretty good chance at least some of the top Family people knew what he’d been up to, question was where’d they stand.

Bringing his bike to a stop just outside the motel, he sat back stretching a bit, a polite nod to the Traveler guard leaning on the railing above having a smoke, a nod back.  Yea they were watching but they weren’t really concerned, Zane had been around Credit Bend enough that while he might not be quiet family he was a friendly, and a Tech which usually meant he was here to spend chips, something that was always welcome. 

And that was what it meant this morning, but he had a game to play, and so did they. 

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Gasoline, Gear and Gun Oil -7-


He can hear the man scrambling through the rubbish in the alley, stumbling, falling in the puddles that dot the pock marked concrete. A thud, a splash, the clunky rustling of garbage bags coming across over the rain. Flickers of light from the traffic in the street beyond, the human rat is almost to the end of the alley, but in the dark he can't see what The Man already knows, then the sound of the rattling chain links; the fence that blocks the end of the alley.  Twelve feet tall topped with razer wire and curved back toward the alley to prevent people from climbing over from this side.

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