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Why she drinks... (spoiler)

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Warning: if you like things played out, without knowing ahead of time... STOP READING NOW.


Ok there has been grumbling about how all we do is nothing in RP but drink and party, lately. Yes, I'll admit, when I started Wichita, she was to be the spuky little party girl, always getting into trouble. Lately tho, I've gotten the 'bug' like others to where I think..."Is that all she does?"

Moving forward.. I've decided, she drinks to pass out (and not revealed yet, but if not drinks to sleep, pills to stay awake). She suffers from post-tramatic stress. There are two tradgic events that happened in her past life that, even tho most her memory is gone, these come to haunt her in her dreams. She uses the booze or pills to either fall asleep or stay awake to avoid these nightmares.

So.. what are these bad dreams?

1) At the age of 12, her father was arrested and hauled off to prison right in front of her. She was always "Daddy's little girl", and this mentally scarred her. She usally wakes screaming "Daddy!!", then realizes it a dreams, looks for her bottle, and cries herself back to sleep.

2) She relives her horrible car crash, up to the point of impact. At this point she wakes up, screaming and shaking. She either looks for her pills to keep awake, or her bottles to drink unitl she passes out, again.


So you see.. instead of playing party girl, I've moved on to a reasoning... and now it's becoming an addiction. I hinted the signs of needing help to a few, and did get advice. But (another spoiler) I think it may take "rock bottom" for Wichita to come too. That, or an RP'd intervention.

Lastly.. I'm not in anyway trying to hog the RP spot-light. Everyone is coming up with things, and I love it. I'm just throwing out where Wichita's minds been at lately. Basically, not there, and the alcohol/pills are the reason.

I would like to move on from the drunken party girl, too just a wild crazy fun girl...no need for "stimulants" to have fun. Hope you see where I'm getting at.

Anyway.. will stop here.. just my take on why IC Wichi drinks.

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Ok. So some of you witnessed my RP last night. I decided to just rush things abit, and pull the plug with Wichita's drinking. Yes, she's 16, and yes kids do foolish things at that age. But walking around in a perpetual haze all day should not be one of them. She may drink again, in time. But when/if she feels ready.

Besides, got her doing in other things that I want to play out ( Henerkin's tasks. Her involvement with Ty and Nat. and whatever spontanious stuff pops up).

So.. no more Pukey.. for now anyway...  Wichi may get ticked at things and want a drink, just on normal days shes fine with just a soda or water.


And thanks all, for putting up with my obnoxiousness. You'll see a "slightly" tamer Wichita now

((She'll always be Pukey))

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((Hahaha.. dry heaves? Laughing)

((Can see it now... people teasing her, by fake vomiting... just to push buttons...but could be cute, with Wichi's attitude about it, hehe)


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