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What a Man Can Do

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"Goddess be dam'd Car stop!" The small green twi'lek woman covered in grease chased after much larger lethan, having to practically run to keep up with the 7 foot tall male's stride. She then promptly slammed into him as the blasphemous phrase had him spin back toward her.

"What?" Cartulak was an imposing firm when he was in a pleasant mood. The scowl on the pirate's face now would make durasteel wilt.

Asilea desiderate to try cute and harmless. Her big teal eyes wide she did her best to look terrified, not much of a stretch, Cartulak's temper was something that got the better of him sometimes. He'd feel horrible afterward but if he wasn't thinking he could and would squish her like a bug.

"Captain..." eyes wet, cowering in not entirely put on fear and a third his size, the sight was just enough to cut through the rage fog.

With a long sigh Cartulak chewed slowly on his cigar for a moment, letting the rage settle into a simmer. "Conversation's over doll."

"They don't mean nothin' Cap'n. Really. We're just worried. I mean this, this is it. The big'n rich and runnin' where no one will ever tell us 'ow to live, ever." [= 10px]The twi'lek teen took the big man's fingers in her hands, both her tiny hands would disappear in one of his. "You got us 'ere, you got us through all that crazy Jedi and Sith shit. We just can't figure why you are goin' back. You dun your part Fer your blood, you don't owe the rest a dam'd thing."[/]
[= 10px]
Cartulak reached down and ran a thick red finger along her cheek. A soft sad smile dressed his scarred face.

"Ain't about them little one, ain't about what's owed. It's about what a man can do, and what a man can't do." He takes a deep long draw of his cigar and looks up into the stars.

"See some where up there is a bunch of folks. Some Sith, some just folks, like you and me. The had this lady, she was Sith for sure but not like any Sith you ever heard about. Sure she was cold and vicious, but she had a way. A way of lookin' after these folks, and now someone took that lady away."

"What I can do is help those folks find their way, what I can't do leave 'em for the hunters."

"But they ain't your crew."

"They ain't got anyone else."

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