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Argus kept glancing back over his shoulder at the prisoner. Finally the Sgt had enough.

"Private the guy isn't going anywhere, he's got enough tranquil in him to put a rancor out for a week."

"If-if you say so Sarge"

Gaul couldn't blame the kid for being jumpy, he wasn't crazy about this particular transport assignment either. The cyborg in the back had taken out the crew of an entire light cruise, then survived the ship's crash landing on Taris. Hell, the only reason they'd got him in the first place was he was too busy with the rakghouls to see them coming up on him. Even then surrounded by dead rakghouls, he surrendered easy, too easy. The sooner some Jedi came and got him the better.

Rhako carefully kept his face neutral and slack, as a heavily tranq'd prisoner should look. He'd take the ride, and the rest. In truth he was in worse shape than he would liked to have admitted, the Republic's doctors would soon take care of that.

Inside Rhako smiled, he sensed something coming, someone, someone he had to meet.

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