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Vor'sha Quarters, (Nar Shadda)

Telessa steps clipped echoing in the safe house. As she came down the stair she heard Khorde running to catch up. Her head half turned to see the young man get even with her. “You did well Khorde, thank you for picking me up.” She responded her voice still tense with her annoyance.

Khorde took off his helmet and looked over, his lips quirked up and he shrugged. “No problem Tele. It let me fly a little.” He rolled the helmet in his hand and chuckled. “Quite a run.. Your friends shoot each other often?” he looked over the blue eyes sparkling.

Her nose wrinkles, and her lips press together tightly the growl was almost seen. “No, well.. Trix is always a wild card.” she lets out a breath and she lets the annoyance wash over her. After a moment she looks over, “They are going to be in the Communication room right?”

“Lek,” he nods, and they both take a right and head to the room. Khorde dropped a few steps back as they came to the door. Letting Telessa go in first.

Walking in she nodded to those in the room before she crossed the room to stand next to Jubul. Then her eyes glanced to the holograms of Vim and Kiavan nodding to both of them as she crossed her arms. Her head tilted to look at Bo, and Aldric. “Where is Nikhila?” she asked of the young hunter resting her body against the table behi9nd her.

“She still isn’t well.” Bo responded.

“I sent her to the barracks for more sleep.” Aldric added. “Don’t think she’ll ever drink what ever she got into last night again.” his lips turn up in a small smirk.

“Lek,” he chuckled, but it faded when his eyes shifted to Telessa who held a expression of concern.

“You sure that is it?” she asked.

“Lek, when she came in this morning, you could smell it. She did good, got herself in order to help with the job. She wasn’t going to miss it.. Just need some rest now. We’ve all gone through it time or two. “ Aldric said, another smirk and gave Bo a nudge who nodded in agreement.

“About the mission, “ Vim interjected the conversation to get it on track. “I heard there was problems.”

Telessa shook her head. “Mission went well actually. I was able supplement the numbers we lost with some mercs from the project. We went in and retrieved the girl, she was beaten, and dehydrated but is being treated as we speak by a doctor. He said she will recover well.”

“Good, The problem then?”

Her lips tighten, and straightened from the table her arms folding behind her at her back. “There was altercation between two of the people hired.”

Aldric snorted. “Altercation? “

Vim focus stayed on Telessa, and she continued ignoring the men. “There was a disagreement with the way some of the other things being held were handled. They made it through the job, unfortunately though on the space is where the incident happened. Which is why I was delayed.” she stopped, and she could see as the glowing figured and shifted, his arm crossing a brow raised.

“By incident she means that lil Trix, shot the doctor she hired. “ Aldric added, reading the alor posture.

Bo smirked, “She’s a firecracker! I told ya.” Bo let out a deep chuckle, “Seems I remember hearing that had happened be.... “ Bo started but cut himself his self short when he noted tele was looking at him her face turning a soft purple, and Vim had turned to him. He cleared his throat and stood up straighter a moment. “Least she waited till after the job, and not during that pretty good for Trix.She gets in her head to do something, well patients isn’t her thing.”

Telessa let out a annoyed sound in her throat and her eyes flickered over to the others in the room before back to Vim, her hand lifting as if he were going to talk. “Look before you say it. I know. I’ll have a talk with her.`` “ she said leaving it at that.. “And I also know tracking who did job will be easier traced back to us. As far the altercation, I docked them both pay, and payed off the imperial officer to lose the paperwork about it. If it is tracked, I let my name out, and rank along with Project Invictas. Hopefully it will detour them from taking action right away if they see it was a sith run operation.”

“We don’t need to hide behind the sith.” Vim snapped quickly.

“Aye, You are getting comfortable up in those ranks.” Aldric added.

Telessa sighed, as she looked to the two men her lips pulled tight. She felt a soft warm hand brush against her forearm a moment and she glanced over Jubul a moment, acknowledging his support before she looked back to the Alor. “No we don’t need to hide behind the sith. We taken care of clan well enough. “ she stated and stepped away from the table to pace a few steps to the left, then right. “But we also have our hands full with dealing with the situation we are in now. “ She stopped and looked at the hologram. “This isn’t clear the bounty and done with it. We are scrapping.. “ she put her hand up again as Vim began to speak, and even though she couldn’t see it, she knew about his forehead was furrowed with annoyances. “Look, you can’t deny it.. I know you and Kiavan have tried hard. I’ve done as you asked me.. first I stayed undercover, then focused on my work with the project.” She took in another breath, her attention still on the alor and alor’ad. “Simple fact is, you are the Alor. Your responsibility’s is the clan...”

“I don’t need a lesson of my responsibility’s. I know my job.” Vim cut, though a tight jaw, irritation easily heard.
“I wasn’t giving you a lesson, or it was not my intent.” she said, and let out a small breath of frustration. “Merely stating you are the Alor and you have a clan to look after. What we are dealing is affecting the clan, and in so you’ve been stretched thin. I took the direction I did so the focus can only be on this group we are looking for.”

Her eyes shifted to aldric, eyes settling in on his pale blue eyes. “As far as getting comfortable,” Her nose flared slightly. “I will tell you, as I did Kiavan, Bo, Mey, and Jubul. I know I am a mandalorian. We were mid invasion when the moff went down. The shift was a minor one at most. I’ve always over seen the attack plan with the higher ups. This time, instead of getting orders from the moff they went through me.” She took a breath and shifted, her eyes finally leaving the mans eyes to glance at the others. “Right now the job has more bonus’s then negatives. I know I don’t need to remind you that the pay is very good and helps the clan. If my position or Rank with in it can be helpful, I will use that as well. “ she pauses then looks to face Vim. “And I will pay the consequences if it comes back on the project.” She ended her statement and took in a breath, her arms crossing. “So, that was the incident, and how and why I responded the way I did.”

The room was quiet for several moments before Vim spoke up. “Fine. If you hear word though I want to be alerted.

Telessa nodded. “You will be.”

“So.” Bo cut in with a clap of his hands together to draw attention to him. “Back to business at hand. We still are holding onto Alak, and now we have the girl. What are we going to do with them. Alak pretty much said bluntly he won’t hold no grudges if we let him in on delivering the girl.”

Khorde looks up from fiddling with his helmet, something he had done to avoid the confrontation that boiled between Vim and Telessa. “Lek, when Bo was chatting with him he said delivering her for him could benefit us both, and we’d have favor owe to us by him.” The young mando shrugs. “More or less.”

Bo gave the young mando a wide grin. “Lek”

“Think he’s upfront about that?” Aldric asked looking at his brother.

Bo pursed his lips and brought a hand up to scratch his beard before nodding to Khorde. “I think so, Khorde got him talking.” He stopped and gave a expectant look to the young man.

It took Khorde a moment before he realized Bo stopped for him talk. All eyes had swiveled to him, the moment he realized he straightened his back, standing taller, his hand coming to fold behind his back. “Yes, wasn’t to hard.” he looked at his dad a moment. “Was passing time when i was on watch and played some cards. Heard stories of him and his cousin as young hunters, and what made him split ways. They didn’t exactly leave on good terms.” his eyes moved to go between Telessa and the hologram of the Alor. “Was a girl that got between them.. She long been gone by now but they never fixed the rift. Anyways, was telling me bouts starting up his business and working his way up. He had been trying to make his way up in the underbelly, said there good money to be made if you work with the right group. Seemed to think if he got the girl for the man, he’d cement his seat as partner with him.” He took, a breath and for a moment his hand come up and brush back his longish hair. “I tried to get him to share a bit more about the underbelly.. Cause you know, thinking it someone in circle there that doing this but he stayed relatively tight lipped.”

Vim listened to his nephew make the report, he did not miss the position he mimiced, and he suppressed a smile dispite himself. “And you sure he wasn’t just saying what you wanted to hear to get himself out?”

“Fairly sure Alor. Bruir had already gone through his electronic files, and seem to follow up to what he was saying.” He said.

Aldric nodded, “Lek, Mey went through that a while ago.”

“Did he happen to mention the relationship the girl has with this Lufar? Is she a slave, or...” Telessa asked looking at Khorde.

Khorde shook his head. “He didn’t know.”

“So for now we need to wake till she wakes..” Bo replies and look at Vim. “What if she is a slave?”

The room grew quiet a moment, before it was finally broken. “We will cross that when it is figured out. “ Vim stated, “We are after a lead, and we got her for a reason. I know none of us are a fan of the slave trade so, we will just see what happens when she wakes up. For now though should see if Alak will deal with us, see if their are other ways in. Bo, Aldric, Khorde, up for that?”

“Elek,” Both men stated at once and Khorde nodded.

“I’de like to join.” Telessa said looking at the hologram again. For a moment there was a indistinguishable conversation between Vim, and Kiavan before Vim spoke up. “Nayc. Let them talk alone, just in case. Best not let it known where you are just in case.”

Telessa frown with annoyance and looked to Bo and Aldric. “Could Jubul come along at least. He has skills that might be useful if telling if the guy is being truthful.”

Aldric looks over to the large man that they’ve only met a few times and nods. “Sure, we’ll make it a drinking party.” he winks, with a chuckle.

Bo laughs to placing a hand on his shoulder. “Aye, that be the best way to make friends.”

Vim nodded, and a few chuckle come over the holocomm “Ok, well then was there anything else?”

“How’s the homestead? Was there any trouble?” Aldric asked. The reason he and Kiavan and Kara couldn’t make the mission.”

Vim sits back and lets out a breath. “Homestead is good, but the word from the other clan were right. There is a bit more traffic on planet lately. I’ve been discussing with clan members of our and allies, about extra fortification right now. I few of there homed soldiers will be helping out our numbers are sparse. Have a few more to talk to but should be done with in the week I can head there if needed.”

“We have this covered Vim. More then enough here to take care of what we need to now.” Telessa spoke up. “Anything that come up we can contact through these means if necessary.”

“Elek, Get business done there. Give Mey and the ad'ikas a hug for Khorde and I as well.” Aldric added with a small nod.

“Elek, I will. I will also keep in touch should anything come up on this end.” Vim replied smirking as well. “Well then I should cut off here we have a meeting shortly with another clan.” Vim added, giving a look to Kiavan a moment. “Ret Vod.”

“Ret,” Both Bo, and Aldric said at the same time. While the others merely nodded. The holocall dissipates as it is ended.

The room grew was quiet for a few moments after the call ended, Aldric voice broke the silence looking over to Jubul. “We’ve got a few things to finish here. Are you going to stick around?”

Jubul nodded, “Yes I will be around, send me a comm when you are ready.” His large hand drop to the small of Telessa back. He could see the clenched jaw of her frustration, his voice drops some to talk only to Telessa. “Lets return to the ship, and check on the girl.”

Telessa nodded, looking up at him, then over to Aldric and Bo. “I will let you know when she wakes up.” she nods at Khorde and Raka both. “Thank you both for your help.”

Ba’raka gave a grin and shrugged, “You know anytime you need help Telessa, Just keep the Taco’s handy.. Speaking of.. Anyone want some taco’s about to go get some.” He looked at the other in the room.

Bo, shakes his head and chuckles. “Nayc Vod, have a few things to see to. Aldric here as well.” He looked to Khorde.

“Nayc, Had something earlier.. Think I’ll check on Nikhilla.” Khorde responded, and headed to the barrak room.

Telessa nodded at Ba’raka and chuckled softly. “Cheap labour,” she winked teasingly. Nodding at Khorde. “Do tell her i hope she is better. And with that, I think we will take our leave.” Telessa nodded at Bo, and Aldric who each nodded at both her and Jubul. “We will call for you shortly Jubul.”

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Khorde stepped into the almost empty room, he quickly spotted his vod; only bed with a life size lump under blankets. A bucket graced the side of her bed, and his nose wrinkled as he took a caustic sniff and shaking his head. He walked over a few steps, tossing his helmet on a neighboring bed, sat on the end of her bed and was rewarded with a groan. “Ah, so you live.” he leaned forward slightly confirming the bucket was empty.
“Uuaaghhh..” she groaned her feet pushing against his side. “I don’t know if this is living.” came a muffled reply.
Khorde chuckle, “Got in the A’lor’s Tihaar didn’t ya?” and let out a grunt as he felt another kick.
“And something else, Ye ever heard of zeltron wine?” her head popped out from under the blanket to look at him. Her eyes were bloodshot and squinted at the brightness of the room and she lets out a slight whimper.
Khorde cocked his head to the side, “Ye be looking green.” His lips turn down in a frown and he gets up to pull the shutters.
“Mir’sheb I’m always green.” she sighed at the shutters were pulled.
Smirking he looks behind himself. “Greener then usual.” he chuckles and turns back towards her. “Never heard of that wine. Heard of zeltrons though.”

With most the light muted with the shades Nik shifts in her bed sitting up, a groan though escapes her lips as the room spins and she lets her head rest against the wall her eyes close waiting for the spinning subside. She felt the bed shift as he sat back down, her eyes peeked open. “How’d the call go with the a’lor?”
Shrugging, “Well I think. Missed the beginning, bring Telessa in. Buir spoke good of you. Said you did a good job on the job. Think it helped that Tele friend Trixie shot someone.”
Her eyes widen a moment, “Thought I was imagining that moment.” she closes her eyes again then found herself snuggling back into the bed. “Khorde.. Dun ever mix yer drink.. k..” her voice comes out mumbled as she felt another wave on nauseous course through her body.
Khorde chuckled, watching her face pale, he toes the bucket closer to the head of the bed. “I should let ye be. I’ll see if Bo has any of buirs tonic to help with hang over.” He stands up, moving to the other bed he picks up his helmet and headed to the door.

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