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Thissia slowly got out of her ship flicking her long white hair off her shoulders then glanced around the space port wondering what her friends had done.
They had told her to met on Belsavis and to bring a stronger sith lord. the white lady hadnt come with her so she was on her own. she looked out across the port to spot the tall redheaded Pandora standing there looking at her.
with a sigh she walked over to her friend then grinned.
"Hey girlfriend." she called.
"Thissie! its been two years! did you find her?" Pandora's rich voice washed over her. Pandora was daughter of one of the richest sith in the galaxy or well was. her and Eacho were now heriess of it.
"yes! thank the flame. she is with a group of people that i hope you one day met. hasnt done anything to crazy yet."
"theres always a yet with you both it seams."
they both laughed at that and Pandora nodded her forward to walk beside her. "I guess you cant tell me anything?"
"No" she answered. "bent the knee though."
"ah so your no longer ours?"
"sorry but family."
"and Chiss come first." Pandora finished for her. "kind of ironic about you two."
Thissia laughed causing a few garuds to look at them. "Oh i know but she is the only one they have left....so Eacho?"
"she is in the garud post near the tombs....Thissia an sith sprit is in her. some sort of force sprit anyway."
"And?" she asked as they walked to a speeder and got in. she spotted the driver was one of Pandora's house and relaxed slightly. Pandora could take care of herself but she always felt like she needed to protect her.
The human women sighed and leaned back in her chair, sweaping her long hair off to the side. "we were looking around for something to use agasint the enternal empire when Eacho touched some sort of mind prision and next thing we know someone else had taken over her body. "
She chewed it over for a moment sucking on her check then clicked her tounge mimicing the rumbling that most chiss did.
"sounds bad."
"oh really?"

a few hours later they reached the garud house that they had taken over.
"Lady Thissia its good to see you again." Emanace said as he helped her out of the speeder then Pandora. He was a human who smeaed to know what to do and was head of the guards.
"And you." she mummered eyes scaning the high points for snipers there was two she could see. there was 30 of the house guards and four of the elite guard. then a few servants, what was left of everyone. she sighed the enternal had a lot to answer for to many of her friends and lovers had died.
"the lady Eacho is resting at the moment though she had a strange request awhile a go."
"And?" Pandora asked Emanace.
"a knitting kit."
Thissia blinked she did that from time to time it wasnt odd. it was a good way to pass the time and if someone attacked you and their skin was soft it was a good weapon.
"Just take us to her room." Pandora waved her hand.
Emaance caughter her eye and gave her a smile then walked ahead of them.
the room they were talking to was hot, hotter then it should be. Pandora waved a hand in front of her face but she didnt spotting Eacho with her long red hair in a braid sitting in a chair. she spotted the window and saw how far they were sitting back that it wouldnt be an issue. there was five chairs with a small table in the middle of them.
"Eacho..." she said softly walking over and sitting beside her.
"Oh well your pretty never seen your kind before."
Thissia blinked then smiled. so this was the sprirt. "I am a Chiss."
The sprit played with her hair for a moment then pulled away. "are you normal for your kind?"
She found her self smirking getting strong ripples off this women. "I am a little young for white hair but im the best looking."
The sprit laughed at that clapping her hands. "So tell me what is going on. are we still on Tython? how are the schools there?"
Thissia glanced at Pandoa and saw her shug making her sigh this was her thing now.
"Were not a part of the republic but yes the Jedi are still on Tython. i dont know about the schools."
Thissia rubbed her forehead thinking. "Emance get me a drink, please. this is going to take awhile."

three hours later she sat back tired from telling the sprit the history she knew of.
The sprit stood up going to the window looking out to the snows. Thissia moved spotting that it wasnt a good spot for her.
"This Enternal Empire and this Emporer you think you can defect them?"
"hell yeah."
THe sprit nodded then turned around to face her. "who are you with right now who is fighting with?"
"A sith lord who is very strong and powerfull. slowly pulling on strings in her web to make us all dance."
"i would like to help. take me to her."
Thissia shook her head. "I will have to call her first."
"then do it now, Chiss."

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