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Shades of Faith

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He stood in the echo of her departure for several long moments, savoring the pounding race of his pulse. Perhaps it was the two days in a kolto tank with nothing but his thoughts. Perhaps the rising tide of the current crisis, either way the truth had been spoken aloud.

Enaeru's words seemed to have more than a little ring of truth. While he knew Bela put value in his presence, the scene this evening had been unexpected

It had gone better than he had imagined. As he mused it was then he sensed the lethan's presence, as if she had simply come into existence from thin air on the opposite side of the room.

"Lord Norran." Her voice was a purr, sickly sweet. As the seven foot figure stalked barefoot across the stone floor, her steps seemed to caress the ancient place. He was dressed in the manner he was accustom to seeing her, minus her gloves and boots. On the Yavin moon she had taken to some new, eccentricities.

"Lady Lavaeus." While was as much as three decades her senior, he addressed her as an equal the vicious woman had earned that.

"You seek to take my place at her side in the coming battle." It was not a question.

Rhako was uncertain if this was an aspect of the lethan's unpredictable rage or a game, both were possible. "The White Lady will make her choices as to what she thinks is best. And we as her faithful will do as she commands."

"Besides you still have your Fury, and as I understand, your crew. The plan ahead would seems to show you could serve the Lady best by adding that strength to Enaeru's task."

The lethan circled, sometimes it was hard to tell if one was dealing with a person or a wild predatory animal. Rhako was leaning toward a bit of both.

"Do not disappoint Lord Rhako, we would be displeased....", she left the words to trail off as she strolled out the door into the presence of two of the Massassi warriors Bela had put her under her command.

Unlike other Sith Rhako had little need to prove himself to anyone, and had no interest in reacting to Lavaeus's taunt. So he simply smiled and replied

"We wouldn't want that now would we."

Lavaeus smiled back then left with her new favorite friends.

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