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With the strike on House Rist, pieces on the board began to move. But this was no game of chess. This game may have had to primary opposing forces, however they were not alone on the board. In a game like this the ripples would be felt across the quadrant, if not across the breadth galaxy itself.
Today pieces moved on a small barely habitable moon that orbited an unremarkable gas giant around a dim unimpressive star. A rogue piece was on this board, one with a mind for mischief.

Somewhere on a starchart, or in a nav database it would have a name or designation, not that it was important. What was important, though unnoticed was the female chiss and the canister on her shoulder. On the exterior it resembled any of the dozens that had been off loaded already. Which of course was the point. The chiss woman put her burden down carefully with the others and excused herself to use the facilities. Up to this point it had taken every trick and ounce of skill she could manage to hack, bluff, and otherwise spoof her way in. But this deep behind the layers of security, this was where it all started to rely on the levels above. This was where the most damage could be done. Fifteen years as a chiss counterintelligence operative had taught her it wasn't about the physical damage, it was about the ripple effect.

These days at 40 standard years old some would say she wasn't as quick as she once was, but her mind was sharper than ever, and on her worst day she was still fast enough. As Jaakra climbed into the moonbase escape shuttle past the unconscious guard she smiled at the lack of alarm. When the dust settled no one would know how it had happened. No one would be able to locate the security breach that let it happen. The distrust, fear and infighting would distract even more resources than she would eliminate here.
The woman once known as Prard'Kess'satho triggered the device in her hand as the shuttle exited the moons thin atmosphere.

Below the crater that housed the base blossomed into a pillar of fire, from above rings of expanding shockwaves spread out over the surface, like ripples in the water.

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