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Moving forward

She watched as each armor piece was wrapped in hazmat bag, her face held taunt. As the imperial researcher went to grab the helmet she put her hand out, "No.." she said to still the woman movement, who looked up at her through the hazmat goggles.

"Sir." she said, "Order is to bag it all."
Tele's lips pressed tightly as she looked down at the helmet, logical part told her it was just a helmet made by metals that could be made again. It was more though she knew this, it was a custom to pass armor down for generations. This was the helmet that passed down in Ostillio clan, and then to her. She exhaled her breath slowly, "Bag it.. but I expect it back." She stated simply. "I inspected it closely, I seen no signs of the fungus."
"Yes Sir, if it is clean it will be returned." The researcher said as she bagged the helmet, giving the the chiss a sideways glance for a brief moment before setting that with the others on the cart. Giving a brief nod she turn and wheeled the cart out of the office.
Turning on her heal Telessa moves to the desk picking up her personal comm unit, she keys in Jubuls comm. She listens to the beep, first, second, he wasn't going to pick up. She knew this, he was was working, his focus would be on his stealth. For a brief moment flashes of the Nekghoul they had faced earlier pressed into her mind, his odds against one of those, or if the fungus infected him. It took no time for it to take Rahm out barely hours before he had to be held is suspended life support, freezing him so the virus didn't take over before the cure could be found.
Blinking she quickly chases those images away, only to realize that the comm has stopped beeping, that it was dead silence. "Jubul.." She was thankful her voice didn't give any emotion she felt just a moment ago, "Need you to return to home base ASAP. New threat, Nekghoul force sensitive Rakghoul, extreme threat is a new fungus found, dangerous virus. " she paused, and for a moment her breath holds. "Return safe Cyare." she says before clicking the comm off.
After looking at it a moment she slips in her pocket, she straightens herself up looking around the office a moment, she lifts a hand to brush her bangs from her forehead. Quarantine zones has been set up for everyone returning to base, those that have taken ill are in their own quarantine zone. Now she needed to plan the operation to capture and interrogate those that been on planet. They've been here a while, she figure the chances of them not knowing of this fungus was small. If they knew about it, they would have head start on finding the vaccine. That was her hope at least. With exhale of breath she headed out of the room to go through the maps, and geographic of taris in the tactical room

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