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little lost Chiss

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The short Chiss tugged on her bag strap making sure it was still there then walked through the door of the local cantina. it wasn't filled with too many people but that was nice for her. she pulled on her hood making sure it covered her face, then walked to a empty table and chair.
the place was dim with dirt on everything, making her scrunch up her nose. she cleaned her chair then table with her cloth then sat down.
It had been a year since her mother and sisters had died she had been wondering for half of that. her glowing red eyes caught the droid coming over to her she didn't even need to reach out to it to know that it needed to be fixed.
it had always been her skill, her gift.
it hobbled over to her asking her what she wanted. she asked for water and a light meal. it was walking to the counter when the door opened and a group of six people walked in.
her eyes narrowed watching them the tickle was back in the back of her mind, warning her. she saw the weapons then ducked down under the table as a voice shouted out.
she pulled her legs up under her as she felt the first death then another. she put a hand over her mouth relishing in the feeling of their deaths, feeling their last moments their last cry. it was intoxicating. she couldn't help but think of doing that to the sith who killed her family. feeling, tasting, his death. she was losing herself in it when she felt a hand on her ankle. she was pulled out making her grunt. she looked up into a big face of a race she didn't know. it made the mistake of letting her go to look at her fully; she reached up grabbing his top pulling him down to hit his head on the table. she moved be hide him pulling him up then pushing him down to the table again. she heard a cry behind her but kept on doing it till she felt his death by then another one was upon her.
she ducked under the fist then using a old blade she got behind him stabbing him till he stopped moving. she was tired by the end of it but there was no one else to kill.
"hey girly you did well." a rough voice told her though she noted it kept its distance.
She had been looking at her bloody hands, disgusted by it. she blinked looking up at the very furry male of some sort with bit ears on top. a muzzle with yellow eyes looking at her, he had blood on his top.
"are you hurt?" she asked getting out a cloth to clean the blade then her hands.
"No." he kicked a dead body then walked over to her. "Carlly." he held out a hand to her.
She blinked looking down at it then looked up at him. he towered over her.
"Its my name Girly what's yours?"
"no one."
The ears twitched making her wonder what it meant. his lips twitched slightly as if holding back a smile.
"Do you want a job here?"
She blinked thinking. she had nothing else to do and the droid needed fixing. she put away her blade then walked to the droid lightly stroking its head. she closed her eyes the data from it coming to her, letting her see it. she could see where the faults were and what needed to be fixed. after few minutes she pulled away turning to see Carlly standing there looking at her.
"I can fix droids." was all she said.
"there is a room out the back it has a bed and everything else you need."
again she blinked then she nodded. "fine." it was like she was processing it then thought about the answer. it was strange making him wonder if it was part of her species. He lead her though to the outside then up the stairs opening a door for her. it was a small room but it was enough for most people. he stepped aside watching as she walked in. her head turned slowly this way and that for a moment then she turned to him.
"it will do." she said after a moment.

Thnuluv looked at the human in front of her trying to get her to give him free drinks.
"are you going to order or not? I can throw you out if you're not going to buy anything."
The human narrowed his eyes and she could feel that he was about to do something. she put her weight on her feet leaning forward slightly as she pulled out her blades.
He leaned forward then made a grab for the front of her top. she grabbed his hand with one of hers then put a blade to his throat.
"Drink or out." she said softly lowering her voice to make it deadly. she felt his shock and read it on his face making her smirk.
She let him go and took a step back her hand on the cloth she used to clean the counters.
He got up backing away then ran out the door. she flicked her spiked hair off her face then looked around the room.
She had been there three months now helping out Carlly. she found out he was a Cathar, an alien but he treated her well.
she got food, water and a place to sleep. she wasnt always safe here local gangs loved to come in and try to take over but she and Carlly had that covered. she was starting a tally of how many she killed now, each time as sweet as the last.
At the moment she was manning the bar while Carlly was out, there was only a few regulars in at the moment. all of them knew her and knew to keep out of her way and give her droids to fix. she had built a few for people that needed them without needing the payment for it. they had needed it so she had done it without thinking. the door hissed opened making her turn she could just pick up that it was Carlly and someone else...
"Nu-1." Carlly said coming up to her using a droid version of her name. it had become a joke among everyone to use it.
"I want you to met an friend of mine; Kap." he took a step to the side to show a green Twi'lek, with blue eyes who looked her up and done then grinned.
"well you're a pretty shade of blue, with eyes like fire."
She raised her eyebrows at that then looked at Carlly, who shrugged then opened his mouth and said.
"He needs you to do a few droids for him."
She blinked thinking it over, the joy of making droids was out weighting everything else. she nodded once.
Kap smiled then put his hand out to her. she looked at it then backed up at him.
"you don't know to shake hands?" he asked his head tales twitching slightly.
"I do."
He looked down to his hand then looked at her but she had turned back to the counter.
she heard Carlly chuckle then him whisper something to Kap as they walked out.
An old human came to the counter, it was Femed. an old miner who had a bad habit of drinking too much.
"You know I can't give you any more here."
He nodded then smiled as she gave him a cup of water, she had to sober him up somehow before he left.
"I know, Nu-1 but i'm here to warn you. Don't get to close to him. the Twi'lek i mean Carlly is ok but Kap he is an dodgy one."
She nodded cleaning a cup. "Its-"
"no no no." he interrupted. "You're a young girl...by the looks of it anyway. with the kind of skills that would make anyone's head turn. I've watched you look into things then you seem to know all of the information then program it into a droid then after a few days lose that information as you get more in. you'll make a good spy with that skill. throw you into a place get whatever a person wants then come back out with it. its it common with your kind?"
Thnuluv thought it over, she had been a shadow child and spent most of her time with her human mother. it had been only in the last few months she had been with her grandfather did she meet more Chiss. it had been an eye opener. her close family had been so open and loving while every other chiss was cold just like the planet. No one hugged or said that they loved you. her grandfather had often reminded her of that. her father had at least still given her what she needed.
"Umm I don't think so." she told Femed.
"you'r not going to tell anyone what you are?"
She shook her head. "Don't think I should."
He chuckled at that then nodded to the cup for more water.
She gave him another cup then wiped her hands.
"Well im sure one day we will find out."
She smiled at him nodding. "maybe one day. if not well you know my name and you can use that as a name."
He chuckled at that. "Nu-1!" he said then nodded to her as he turned leaving her.

She ran her finger tip along the edge of the droids casting, the glove she had on melting the metal so it was welded together. it was something of her own design and yes while it made it easier it took a long time for it to recharge.
she double checked her work then nodding it was done. she took the glove off then to it down to recharge while she made sure the wring was doing ok. she hummed softly to herself as she worked enjoying the feeling of the droid coming alive in her hands.
it felt like good to make life after taking so much of it.
she rubbed her check then sat back waiting for the droid to wake up. it beeped softly as it woke up its sensors moving around then focused on her. she gave it a small wave then looked down at her data pad to see the readings.
Everything was going well with it.
"hello B5 how are you doing?"
It was silenced for a moment then a deep voice said.
"I am doing fine, mistress."
She grinned then bowed her head to it, this was a new set of droids and she was sure very one would love it.
She turned hearing someone behide her, she saw Kap there and felt her insides twists. she had known him for a full year now and each time they had met up he had looked like he was going to eat her. and then there was the videos he had shown her. even with turning him down he still wanted her and took every moment to remind her of that.
She couldn't help but wonder how long he had been there watching her.
"you know ive been standing here for an hour watching you. you get so caught up in building its funny."
she shrugged then got her cloth to wipe her hands clean. as she moved away from the bench the droid followed her as if guarding her.
Kap smiled and walked over to her his fingers twisting her hair in his fingers.
"Nu-1 I need you to do something for me."
she flicked her head getting her hair out of his grasp. then titled her head blinking at him.
"We need you to go into a building make a note of everything then come back out and tell us."
"the reason?"
"just that it has what we need."
She raised an eyebrow thinking it over. "I guess.."
"Great we leave in an hour."

She pulled her legs up then slowly using her toes she pushed the view port open. slowly she slid in glancing around; the room was filled with crates, a terminal on the other side and two big doors. she looked around her eyes making a note of everything. there was a lot of spice in the crates plus a few jewels. she made a note of any bits of tech but could only find a few things.
she put her foot down then winced feeling a shock of pain trace up her leg from her scars. she closed her eyes then took a deep breath pushing it aside. it had been awhile since an attack had happened and it wasn't going to happen now.
She hop on to a crate reaching back up to the view port she had come though.
Outside she fell into Kap's arms, he warped his arms around her then carried her to the speeder.
"I don't need to be carried." she told him feeling heat on her checks.
"Come on Nu-1, you know you like it."
She sighed as she was placed in the back while he sat beside her. in the front was two of Kap's men all of them scrap dealers.
they had told her to go in there to make sure what they wanted in there. it had been the same way for the last three years; she go in take a note of everything then come back out, a few days later they go in and take what they wanted, she would often join them as they needed her.
She winced again feeling another spasm of pain across her scars. she took a deep shuddering breath trying to force air into her lungs as her vision blurred. she slowly put a shaking hand over her face keeping her eyes on them.
She heard someone call her name but the pain was too much as she slipped into the darkness.

she had been comming down the stairs when she over heard Kap talking to Carlly.
"You know you should ease up on her." Carlly's deep voice spoke out.
"We need her." Kap said. "There is no one else like her."
"That you've met." she heard the disapproval in his tone.
"Yeah yeah. anyway we have to find a way to keep her here. I don't want anyone else trying to steal her away and if the eternal empire finds out about her they will steal her."
she heard Carlly growl softly then. "maybe it's best to hide her away then."
"no. she stays with me."
"it's her choice." She heard a chair slid back so she ducked behind the wall.
Carlly looked by grumbling softly as he did so, as soon as he was gone she slowly got out her knife and walked into Kap's room.
She had been in here countless times, a few times under spice influence. she had been in here with he had tried to get to close to her, had ran out enough times to make things clear on how she felt. now he was taking away her choice....it was something she could not stand.
He looked up at her a smile on his lips.
"hey Nu-1 here to stay the night?"
She blinked once slowly then she walked over, wrapping her arms around him. he did the same saying something she didn't want to hear as she raised her knife then started to stab him.
she did it fast not waiting to stick around for his last cry. she turned on her heel wiping the blood off her hairs and face.
she walked slowly over to Carlly and sat down in front of him.
His dark eyes saw the blood on her then frowned.
He growled softly at that but he didn't move.
"I had been wondering..."
She looked up at him surprised but he raised a finger to stop her from talking.
"take what you need I won't tell anyone about this. if anyone comes after you I won't say a word."
She blinked then looked down at her hands spotting blood again.
He leaned back in his chair. "because you have some promise...just don't try and kill any more people."
"I....I can't promise that."
he nodded then slowly he put a big paw hand on her shoulder. she looked up at him her mind flashing back to her father, tears running down her checks.
He moved his arms and gave her a hug, something she had been needing since she had left home.
He pulled away slight then looked down at her.
"you better get going, no one. find a safe place."

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