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Letters, notices and parcels

The young Mitran priestess smiles as she tacks up a notice on the Keep wall and peruses it one last time for any spelling errors. She places it next to the one asking Invictans to keep looking for any sight or sound of Caradoc.

~Brethren and Sistren of Invicta, be it known that the Petals of Derketo will no longer conduct any ..Rituals..with you. They apparently were under the mistaken impression that we do not take out contracts on them and are offended to find that is not so. Rejoice! For now your coin will not be wasted. For those that have genuine religious needs, perhaps seek out the Imam Maziken for his recommendations.~


She returns to the Keep kitchens and fills a basket with bread, hard cheese, some of the fresh jerky from the recent autumn cattle cull, a pot of olives, a pot of dates and some apples. Then she takes out the olives as Moki never seems to eat them. Brushing down crumbs from her simple homespun garment she heads down to the Tradepost. Send these off with the Tarantia deliveries please Matten, for Moki again. I found a basket as you said the cloth package got rather squashed last time.

Automatically scanning the sky once more for Kohnar before turning to the Temple to pray for Caradoc's safety.


Ah, the Temple. She muses as she enters, remembering the letter sent a few days back. I hope Father Aloysius at the seminary passed on my last letter by now to whomever at the main Temples needs to know of that impending attack.

Standing to chant the morning paeans of praise for His Holy Light, her daily prayers to Saint Agnes of the Healing Hands and then on to the personal prayers for safekeeping of husband while away on a long contract, for Tattyana's and Brutas' swift recovery, for the broken heart and the life that is growing ... for all of Invicta and for Caradoc. For missionaries in far away lands and for the new friends made at that last meeting.


Pausing a moment as she exits the Temple ... out to chop yet more trees and perhaps another wonderful talk with Mama midst the last of the butterflies?  Or up to Relius' office to finish the rest of his letters for him? Kemena smiles softly as she treads up the hill, up to move the ale from Hrothgard's office back to the little cupboard between the two rooms, up to work for her husband for few should know how though he was cunning in battle and a great leader of men yet he struggled with the written word. The Fort could wait a while, this time was Aurelius' though he was not here to share it.


(first posted 23rd Oct 2008)



Somewhere across Poitain:

Taking his cup of hot tea, Neverlin walked outside into the brisk air. Looking up to the sky he estimated the new moon was about two days away. The necromancer took a long sip from the tiny cup. He thought to himself.... It's almost time for Kemena's check up


(posted by Neverlin, 23rd Oct 2008)

A fist sized stone drops in the market area of Old Tarentia.  Wrapped around it, and tied off with a leather cord, is a note. It is written in neat Vanir runes, in a nearly archaic form.  This note reads:

"To whomever may find this, I ask a task...

                 The task I request, is that this note be delivered to Moki or Aryanna of Anx Ma'at, Kemena of Invicta, Wulfran of King's Guard, or Lluna of Keeper's of the Ways.  "

The second part of the note, is sealed, the bottom half folded up and sealed with melted wax. When opened, it reads:

Moki, Ary, Kem, Wulf, and Lluna...

                  You five are the ones who I am sure will notice my dissapearance first, and hardest. I have been captured, and am being held in a stone prison. I know not where, but the stone work is alien to me, and it is very cold. I do not want you to look for me, as I will find a way to escape, but I also do not wish for you to worry. I would rather you know I live, and that I will try my best to return as soon as possible.

Lovingly yours,




-Caradoc finishes writing the note, and ties it to a rock with a boot lace stolen from the corpse chained next to him.  He carefully avoids bleeding on the note; Wouldn't want them to worry. The wax is from a candle that Kohnar brought him to the window, along with the scraps of meat and plants that he could scrounge.  Caradoc kisses Kohnar's head, and the bird chirps sadly, flying off toward the Market.  The bard leans back, avoiding the lash wounds on his back, and tries to find a comfortable spot for his mangled leg.  The hyperboreans sure knew how to make him hurt... but they'd never get anything from him... even if he knew what they wanted. He begins to drift off to the sound of dripping water from the melting snow, when he hears the telltale sounds of heavy steps on the stone stairway outside. He winces as he sits up and hides the candle. The latch turns, and the door swings open....


(posted by Caradoc 19th Oct 2008)

After that strange meeting at the Estate, the first thing Kemena saw on return to Fort Invicta was Moki running toward her, hugging her fiercely and jabbering so fast that it was even harder today than usual to understand her words. But...Caradoc ...was clear. And the hurried whispers, the confirmations that neither had seen him; Kemena not since he brought the odd words that he had heard Amun-sol speak, and Moki not since they had confronted Cyril together.

Wine and strong spirits later, both were watching the sky in melancholy, till Sanja's mad mushroom antics pulled them away. Kemena finally obtained the Half-Digested Foot from her and cremated it at the Temple with brief rites, trying to ignore her churning stomach. Then Relius was there, with strength... and with smiles for Brutas and Andromeda. Kemena smiled inside to where she had had her last conversation with Niladri and prayed that soon she would have more good news to tell Mama in her next vision.

For now, Kemena took to watching the sky for Kohnar between chopping trees.


 (first posted 19th Oct 2008)

*Moki sits upon the steps in Old Tarantia, small hands carve cruelly into the bit of wood in her hand, sorrow, worry, anger, rage all these echoed in her actions. She had been hunting, searching, for well over a week now, all hints had led to nothing, he had simply .....vanished. Doing everything she could, speaking to anyone all she could recall or think of, nothing.....her light grey eyes forever searching the sky above...no one believed her...no one seemed to share her panic, her worry. Moki had tried to explain, he would never do this, never simply disappear...not to her..he would have left some word, something, anything a sign...dark thoughts crowded her mind as she sat upon the steps..waiting...each hour, each moment she sat there, it was agony, torment, to not be in motion, to not act, patience ...at the thought of the word a torrent of cussing left her lips, eyeing the passing guard who forever stalked upon these steps, she almost stabbed in him the back of the leg as he went by her for the countless time. Yet she did not, she heaved a sigh and looked up, her heart lept and she let out an alarmed cry as a familiar blue winked above her. Moki thoughtlessly lept up, racing down the steps, her desperate gaze following the rock as it decends, she pauses infront of it, still staring.....Kohnar didn't pause, only let out a shrill familiar cry..without thought Moki threw up her small hands, calling out to the bird mournfully as she watched him disappear...sinking to her knees, mindless of the crowd of people as they go about their daily lives in the market street, staring at the young girls odd behavior, many casting a worried gaze upward, wary of falling rocks....small trembling hands cradle the stone for long moments..finally with infinate care, she unties the worn leather, tenderly unfolding the note, terror fills her, of what she does not know, yet stubbornly she reads the contents, ready for whatever this may hold...light eyes feverishly read over the note, again, and then again...she finally speaks*

"Faeken, pieces of damned shyte!!!! Caradoc!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*The words are explosive and emotional, grabbing everything to her, almost tripping in her haste, Moki races in search of Wulf, Lluna, Kem....anyone...her small form disappears, the relief quickly leaving as the horror of his situation, the unknown hits her*


 (first posted by Moki, 20th Oct 2008)

Kemena startles out of her reverie, looking down from the sky.

GAH!  Argas' voice shouting on the emblem. What is up with the cows around here?
Why are you yelling? from Shalise
I walk out of the fort, and a herd of cows attack me!

She interjects They are a bit spooked with all the autumn cattle roundups.

Huh? Yes, understandably Shalise is surprised. Perhaps Argas is more a city boy, unused to cattle... but then why do they so often go after Karone?
And there, Karone's voice They are amassing again!!! Muster muster!
Minding my own business and they charge me!

Kemena talks quietly in comparison to Argas' shouting Walk calmly and they won't be startled.
It's like...they were ....waiting out there for someone to come out!
Well, I just left and did leave a pile of carrot tops for them near the gate... they could have been eating those. Sorry.
And I could have sworn I saw a bull directing the herd as if in battle!
Are you alright?
Knocked out cold, but alright.

Karone gasps Kem! They are trying to invade!
Kemena giggles They are cows! They do not have big intellects. Argas... are you sure you are alright now?
Maybe they want us to think that!   Karone so very insistent on the evilness of cows
Well, my head hurts, but I'm ok..Odd...They ripped my Jerky pouch off my belt and stomped it in the mud...
The first bunch of jerky was taken from the curehouse before it was really ready... so they likely can smell it

I'm gonna lay down a bit i think...
Take care Argas. If you feel bad later, let me know.


Hand falling from the emblem, eyes drifting up to the skies again, Kemena spots a rider. Ah, the daily messenger. She holds up a hand to stop him before he enters Fort Invicta to deliver his packages to Matten. Always good to hear the news from Tarantia. But ...he is holding out Moki's basket, contents still partly there.

No, Lady Kemena. She was not there. I went back twice to try to deliver the basket but could not see her. And none have for a while now.

 (first posted 29th Oct, 2008)

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