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La'agethja " Death Bell" Hjalmar

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Roleplay Character Sheet

Basic Information:

Full Name: La’agerthja Hjalmar

Nicknames/Titles:" Death Bell "

Gender: female

Age: 20

Race/Homeland: Skyrim  Nord

Class: Warden

Character Appearance:

Hair: Honey blonde

Skin: fair

Eyes: Green

Height: 6"2


Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Traditional on arms and shoulders, a dragon that is a "family" tattoo

Physical Features: Muscular and athletic


Social Level: Daughter of a Thane, cousin to Aly'sande Hjalmar

Religion/Philosophy: Follower of Kyne

Favorite Foods: Meats, breads cheeses

Favorite Drinks: Mead

Favorite Colors: green, tans, blues

Likes: Nature, animals

Dislikes: hunting for sport

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: single at present

Place of residence: Formerly Hjaalmarch Hold, Hjalmar house, travelling to Bangkorai

Place of Birth:  Haaljarch 


Occupation: None at present, Has a keen interest in Alchemy and Enchantments.. nature magic


Group/Guild/Clan affiliation:  none at present


Wealth Status:  Of moderate wealth and status..


Enemies:  none at present

Submission Type:

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