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The Inner Struggle

The young zabrak sat crossed legged on the floor, around her red billows of smoke raise from bowls as she begins to chant in an ancient language, her head dropped low, then lifted up as her eyes glasses over. Niuella could feel Ierina, their link was open to her again. Niuella wormed her way into Ierina's thought, her heart beat sped up, she could feel perspiration begin to bead on her forehead as she moved more her consciousness into her sister. The dreams were dark, inky back ground a creature on tethered to a table bucking and letting silent screams of terror. As she moved closer she could see.. It was Ierina..

A laugh filled the room of the red smoke, "This will work." she hisses, and began to chant another spell.. Her body going stiff as she took over her sister. "Now show me what it is you are hiding.."

Eyes open, the brown a bit more gold in color. Lifting a hand she looks at it; It looked thin frail. Even as she does, she could feel her sister struggle to gain control back. With a smile she began to roll out of bed only to find herself tangled in large thick limbs. She looked to the large nude male beside her, her lips turned up at the sleeping form. For a moment she let her hand move down the heavily muscled chest, then to the arm that rested over her own naked form. Gently she removed his arm, and pulled her own legs from between his then crawled out of the bed.

She walked barefoot across the room to look into the full length mirror. For a moment she admired her sister small frame, and its misleading look of weakness. She could feel her strength. Her head tilts slightly and a predatory grin touches her lips as she looked at the bite mark that litters her body and 'Oh sister,' she chuckles. Her lashes flutter slightly as something catches her eye in the reflection.

Turning she walks to the side of the bed, on the stand a well worn journal with something in a cloth bag sat there. She could feel force pulsating from it she could feel her heart quicken and her sister fighting control. A predatory grin touches her lips as she reaches down to pick up the cloth bag she could feel power from it, 'this is it isn't it'. Picking it up along she moves across the room to stand once again in the mirror. She drops it out the bag, it lands just above her hand and floats there.

Her head tilts as it begins to circle, her eyes move over it as it turns in her hand. She wets her lips her eyes widen, she could glean the information that Ierina knew about the item. She could see the almost invisible lines that each part connected, and she could feel her sister essences around it. Ierina poured over this thing.. A lot.. She gives a small chuckle, looking in the reflection to the journal and lifted her hand and the journal floated to her. 'Do you sister have the location where this item will be used. Have you figured out the key.. What can you tell me. Sister.' She opened the journal and flicker through the pages, trying to concentrate as she took in what she could from the pages.

Then there was a niggle of something foreign to her the combined mind entered. She could feel a warmth that prickled over the skin, a feeling of wanting, closeness, the moment she heard a soft grunt from the bed.. For a moment she stood quietly, her eyes focused on the body in the bed, when once again she felt the more of a tug in her mind, the wanting stronger, and a flash of flesh against flesh, and the body she was in responded. Once again she ignored it and there was a shift on the bed.

Once again she felt her sibling fight the bounds that had her tied with in her dream. She could feel her strengthen , and for a moment she thought to pull back. Then her eyes raise to look at the reflection. A wicked smile touch her lips, "Not just yet.. " she coo's to her sister, feeling the anger surge with in the body.. Such a odd thing.. to feel right now.. She pulls the small blade that she somehow knew was hidden then cross's the room. She stares down at the large zabrak, the blanket did little to hide what he had to offer. She crawled on the mattress, she could feel the struggle her sister fighting. Still she lowered her lips to the sleeping form even as she began to crawl on top of him.

He lets out a grunt as he wakes to her lips, and once again she seen the flash of flesh against as his lips respond. She began to raise the knife even as his hand encompassed her slender hips. Her sister growling, howling with anger within and it was that moment everything went black..

Nuiella woke on the floor some time later.. The candles had burnt down to near nothingness, her head pounded when she moved to sit up. The room spun slightly and she waited a moment for it to clear, her hand coming up to feel the trail of dried blood that had leaked from her nose. Her lips turned up in a smile and she stood leaving the room as it was. That was a useful experiment, she had learned much. It wouldn't be much longer before she would face her sister.

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