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Harvest Ball pt. 2

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Aly and Mercy entered through the huge Oaken doors into the relative quiet of the house. The Enormous hall lit with hundreds of candles and huge urns filled to overflowing with flowers especially yellow roses, the fragrance of which filled Aly’s nostrils with their heady aroma as soon as they entered.

The house much like the rest of the estate was white and marble and elegant.

A smoothness to the beauty which was so different to her own home.

Aly was fascinated at the way the stone looked soft, even though she knew it would be solid to the touch. Solid and cold like the ice of Hjalmarch.

Mercy chatted at Aly telling her about the house and how it had been her family home and that the rooms she now occupied had once been her parents.

They crossed the plushly carpeted, white marble great hall and entered an equally elegant bedchamber which was easily the size of her own main room in her home. The bed alone was among the largest she had ever seen and she had seen many built for Nord’s.

Aly looked around at the sumptuous fabrics and furnishings and wondered at the impression her own home would make on Mercy. She did indeed feel “Provincial”.

Behind a gilded screen hiding a corner of the room from the rest was a bathing area where Mercy showed Aly to a dressing table filled with pots of fragrances, and creams.

A silver comb and brush upon its gleaming oak surface and a real glass mirror set in the frame above it.

“ Feel free to take your time, Aly. Have a nap if you wish.. And if you have need of anything there is a bell “ Mercy said indicating a silk rope hanging from the wall

“ I need to return to the party .. being the hostess is so taxing.. “ She smiled and gave Aly a quick hug and glided from the room.

In the quiet of Mercy’s departure Aly peeled off what remained of the scarf holding back her hair and poured some water from a pitcher into a bowl to wash her face.

She smelled the contents of several of the jars on the dressing table and she rubbed a small amount of a rose scented cream into her cheeks.

After she freshened herself she sat at the dressing table and taking up the silver brush she began to work at the tangles in her long cinnamon colored hair, the scarf had tangled her hair more than she had thought.

A tune she had heard ran through her head as she picked at a knot and thought how she would like to dance with Kor’gals strong arms wrapped around her.

Her fingers worked to twist the now untangled curls into a semblance of a bun, when she felt as if there was someone in mind.. Someone in the room with her and she could feel a tingle run up her spine and into  her neck.

“ Be a good girl and come quietly now.. “ the voice in her mind said and she looked up into the mirror to find her eyes locked with his.. With Erik’s.

She sat transfixed for several moments.. Her limbs heavy as if she were rooted to the spot for several long and agonising moments.. Her heart pounding in her ears as fear gripped her. Why was she not able to move she thought in panic .. Erik’s eyes were almost glowing and she felt as if she were burning in that moment.. And then he moved towards her with a speed that both fascinated and frightened her.

“That's right be a good girl and come quietly “ This time the heavy Nordic accent was in the room , the spell was somehow shattered, Aly threw the heavy silver brush at his face. It struck a glancing blow which made him growl at her in anger and he crossed the large room in a few strides to grab at her.

She leaped back from him to crash into a stand holding a large vase which she grasped by the neck and swung at his face, this time connecting hard, the glass shattering.. Giving her an opening to try and slip past him towards the door.

“God’s damm you Aly!’ He snarled and he moved with inhuman speed to again block her from the door

Terror rising within her now as she realized that she had infuriated him and he may well kill her rather than let her get the better of him. She was terrified that there was no escape she allowed herself to let out a scream, it began as a wail of pure terror that resolved itself into words.

“ No No No….Help me..”

She backed away from him, her eyes searching for another exit as a realization came to her .. the medallion.. She pulled at the chain and grasped the medallion in her hand  “ Goddess help me … “ She called out  as Erik grabbed her first by the hair then his large hand wrapping around her throat.. “ Shut up Bitch”

There was a smell of almost burning flesh and he grunted tearing the chain from her and flinging it across the room..

She swung her fists at him and she could feel the darkness descended over her as he slammed her against the door.. She could dimly hear footsteps and voices..

Then nothing

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