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Guild Barracks

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Since a guild flagship with a barracks seems like a far away nicety, I've taken in upon myself to make a barracks for Project Invicta.

IC, they are located "downstairs" from the Project's HQ. OOC, I've placed a stronghold on DK, and opened it enough for there to be a max of 20 occupants.

I'm in the middle of decoing it, but I'm going with the basic stuff for furniture, because army, that's why. The few things that I would need help with (if anyone wants to help, you by no means have to) are the red rugs, Large Imperial banners, Imperial Propaganda poster, and Imperial Starfighter kiosk. The last two are purchased with Fleet comms.
So it will remain an work in progress for a bit as I try to grind those things.
There is/will be: a barracks room, an enlisted's lounge, and a messhall. All three rooms have enough furniture down to make do for RP.

It is publicly listed under "Saderae's Stronghold" so you should be able to find it under there with some filters in place. If you cannot, myself, Madex, T'alonn, and Jaracole have keys and can invite people there. I'd just prefer you not pull them away from something else in order to RP there. If I'm online, I'll be more than happy to.

Anyway, happy RPing everyone.

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