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Grand Theft Sith

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“Why are we doing this?” Essan wined, “you don’t owe her anything. Stars Car its not like she’d do it for you.” The rest of the crew nodded and looked to Car.

Cartulak ignored his copilot, the crew he’d recruited were temp runners, none of his regulars but people he’d work with before. The heat from the fall of Project Invicta and the jobs he and his had pulled on their behalf was too hot to ask any of his good people to risk it. So he was left with eleven people while good at what they did, usually annoyed the hell out of him.

“Shut it Essan. I don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone else, and as to why you’re doing it. Well I paid you a cargo hold worth of credits in advance. So you can do it or cut now and spend the rest of your miserable life looking over your shoulder. For me.” Car was not in the best of moods Essan was on his last nerve, and there was way too much that could go wrong here.

“Easy man, I’m just sayin’. She’s Sith, she’s crazy and from what I hear she eats people.” Essan wasn’t exaggerating but none of that mattered, she was Car’s sister, his only living family. For a Twi’lek that was all that was needed.

Car raised a hand. “Enough its game time, you can bitch and moan all you like after, but if you want the bonus I promised just shut up, do your job, and don’t get us killed. Clear?” They all nodded, whatever else they were these were professional criminals, they would do the job, hell it might even add to some of their reps, if they survived.

It was a simple plan, the cruiser transporting Lavaeus was a medical vessel. She’d, according to reports been nearly killed. Someone had put the effort up to keep her alive and recover her. Car had managed to get the details on a piece of their route, it was a small window. They would come out of hyperspace and be re-entering it after meeting with a cargo ship for supplies. The craft Car had acquired was an Imperial heavy gunship, more than a match for the opposition believed to be present, but they’d have to move fast to neutralize the crew, use the ship’s corridors to eliminate the numbers advantage.

Car let out a slow breath if his information was on the money the medical transport would arrive in..three..two..one…

As the cruiser dropped out of hyperspace the lethan pirate grinned, accurate intel was worth it, his credits were well spent.

“Full power up, forward deflectors on, target engines and hyperdrive only.”

The gunship roared to life and began moving toward the medical craft, they hesitated, Imperial markings, again credits spent well paid off. By the time the cruiser realized they were in danger it was too late.

“Engine and hyperdrive down, eliminating starboard weapons arrays”, the lead gunner reported.

“Moving us into boarding position, getting ready to cut through the hull.”

“Comps are sliced and jammed, they ain’t calling for help. Too bad their friend was delayed.”

Car had bribed a customs frigate to ‘delay’ the transport but they only had a small window.

“Maintain watch, be ready to bug out, boarding crew with me. Remember this is a smash and grab we aren’t here for a fight.”

The pirates moved through the ship, seven of them plus Car and two droids carrying the transport pod for their package. Jammed coms and chaos meant resistance was scattered and unorganized.

As they entered the main medical bay, there she was, Car’s half sister in a kolto tank, and still outcold.

“Stitch, check her vitals, we need to move her now.”

After several long minutes the medtech nodded seemingly satisfied at the readings on the tank, then began to prep for removal. “She’s stable, she seems to be well on her way to healed, though these wounds…”

“What?” Car barked.

“I guessing between being Sith and being your sister, she’s resilient, very resilient, likely why then want her, she should have died man.”

“Cut the color commentary, lets get out of here.”

Soon they had Lavaeus in the pod and were on the trip back to the gunship. Resistance was heavier now, they had time to rally, the escape was blocked by a group of soldiers holding an interaction. Car turned to his hired slicer.

“Is there another way out of here?”

“Not back to the ship, that is the only way.”

Car frowned, if they ditched the pod they could probably rush the soldiers and break the hold point, but not with the pod. Before he could make a decision sharp reports from a slugthrower rifle barked out over the din of battle. Then the soldiers blasters went quited.

A single figure in mandalorian armor came out of the smoke, minus her helmet.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore…”

“Save it Car,” Jaakra smirked briefly but her eyes were as deadly serious as her rifle. “Get scary lady out of here.”

“You coming?”

Jaakra shook her head, “Not today, you can buy me a drink and make it up to me later. Don’t worry about me.”

Car was about to respond but the Chiss put her helmet back on and took off down the corridor in the opposite direction.

A few hurried turns later and they were back on the gunship.

“Get us out of here!” Car yelled up to the cockpit.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.”

Car turned to the rest of the group, “Get the injured patched and get her down in the hold until I can figure out where to.,..”

The lethan paused, a voice in his head, her voice. “Car...Yavin...the Massassi..please..”

“Set course for Yavin IV.”

They all looked at him oddly, but he raised a hand. “Just do it, I’ll double the bonus, get us to Yavin IV and on the surface near the Massassi camp, I’ll give you the coordinates.”

“Massassi?” Essan’s eyes bugged wider than usual, even for a Rodian.

“Just do it, they’ll take care of her, then we can disappear.”

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