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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil - 5-

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Zane leans over the lathe, watching it spin down so he can examine the barrel for flaws, the light reflected off the smooth shiny surface reflects off his jet black eyes, he is so lost in thought he fails to notice Jared enter the workshop behind him.  The older thinner man approches slowly, having startled Zane before, he is leary of repeating the mistake. 

As the barrel stops spinning the distorted reflection of Jared catches Zane's attention, without turning around he says "Yes?"

Jared clears his throat,while he isn't afraid of Zane, like many of the normal people that survived, he is uncomfortable around a clone, more specifically someone who may be an alpha clone.

"There was reports of another disturbance from your chambers a couple nights ago." Jared pauses to choose his words carefully, "It is becoming more frequent, with you still learning to control your "abilities" it could become dangerous."

Turning slowly Zane picks up his hat and mirrored shades, putting both on before coming to face Jared directly.  Many found his black eyes disconcerting, recently Zane had taken to hiding them.

"What exactly are you trying to say Jared?" Zane knew they were more than willing to throw him out if he became a threat, but like most factions, skilled individuals were at a premium, and he knew his way around a set of tools.

"We..well that is they would like you to get some help.  Perhaps a Teep, find the memories, help you ....adapted." Jared spoke softly, Zane was not by nature a violent man, but they didn't know him that well yet, he watched the figeting with amusement, as well as disappointment.

"When I find one " I " trust, maybe...until then I've found someone at least to talk to..now if you don't mind I have have work to do"  with that Zane turned his back on the man and removing his shades returned to inspecting the newly formed rifle barrel, detaching it from the lathe.

Though work was now the farthest thing from his mind, the conversation brought forward his conversation with Vorela, and the revelations that it had brought.  He smiled, she was every bit as interesting as he'd hoped, different in an most pleasant sort of way.  Her admission had caught him off guard, as had what appeared to be a sudden shift in temperature toward him.  But having someone to talk to ...It would be a risk, after all what did he really know about this blue haired woman?  But no greater risk than any other in what was left of the world.

Jared and his "Teeps" , Zane thought,  Is there one in Invicta, is there one I want poking around in my head?

With a sigh, he turns away from the lathe and heads off to another machine, beginning to thread the end of the barrel.

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