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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -15-

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Lit only by the fire he played with across his hand, Zane sits in his ragged old armchair, a cigarette hanging from his lip as he watched her sleep.  The blanket just covered the top of her firm buttocks, as Soyala lay on her stomach half turned toward the window.  So much had happened over the last week it was difficult to wrap his mind around it all, especially her...he still couldn't believe this all wasn't just a dream.

It had started out innocently enough, he'd fixed her torn armor, offered her a hot shower, as he would have done for any of the family, at least he believed he would have.  They ate and talked, then she was in his arms, nothing happened really that night, a kiss...an nothing the next time she came over...or the next.  Then came the day they found Nat...she'd turned, Henerkin tried to confront her, tried to help...but she was too far gone.  He'd remembered the moment as clear as day, when Hen and him had to gun her down...as Soya watched. 

But Nat was suppose to be back now, he saw her at the Rally...at least he though he did.  He was pretty distracted, Soya had promised to meet him there, she was late.  He didn't want to be "that guy" several times he'd picked up his radio to try to call her, but stopped.  He had to trust her to take care of herself.  Then there was Vorela....she'd been cold toward him for days, he mostly though it was about Soyala...but it would turn out to be alot more complicate than that.

That night at the Rally, his edgy mood and her's cut open a lot of dirty laundry, stuff needed to be dealt with, at first he wanted to ask why she hadn't come to talk to him herself, but Zane knew the answer to that.  At least the air'd been cleared, and they were friends again...he doubted the tention would ever disappear completely but it was a start.  And Boyd was back now, he was genuinely glad for her, what he thought, or didn't think about the Sheriff was irrelevant really.

Zane took a long draw of his smoke, his eyes shifting breifly to the large furry rodent that had climbed up the arm of the chair. He smiled at it and scratched at the top of its head whispering quietly "Where you been hidin' Roddy?" he chuckled soflty as the rat chittered a response. Then Zane turned back to allow his eyes to feast on the beauty that lay in his bed, her movement rolling over on to her back kicking at the covers, revealing more of her taunt body as she seemed to bask in the moon light.

"You don't deserved to be that lucky," Zane thought to himself as he watched her, some called her child but she was no child, young maybe, but she was all woman, more of one that he could have imagined.  His mind drifted back into his recent memories....

He'd left the rally after his chat with V, and headed home, he'd hoped to find Soya there, maybe just not in the mood for the rowdiness at Beau's.  With everythign that had been going on it wouldn't have surprised him...but she wasn't there.  She still hadn't called in, he knew she'd been up toward Blaine, he wished he'd had a chance to talk to Drax...maybe get the tracker frequence for the collar..but then it became irrelvant as his radio squawked at him. Her voice over the radio.

 "Zane? Ya there?  I'm just outside of Asterly, should be back in 10 minutes. Going around the Union."

Her voice over the radio. He had let out a long sigh of relief, and and even bigger one when not 10 minutes later he saw her coming down the street, in rushing down to meet her he almost forgot to unwire the shotgun...that would have hurt, Zane chuckled at the memory thinking it was a good thing he'd been in his tac gear.  As soon as she was inside she was in his arms, and she didn't leave them the rest of the night, not in the shower, not when they made love in the bed, and not even when we fell asleep.  He'd woken up that morning with her still held tightly to him.

His thoughts came back to the present, she was looking at him now, her deep dark eyes saying and understanding so much without a single word, he smiled at her.

"I didn't mean to wake you," Zane's voice was a soft whisper, and as always had that slightly different tone it only got when they were alone.  Soya smiled back at him.

She gave him a hungry smile, the one that she'd taken to showing often over the last few days, that warmed his loins faster than anything else on earth.  Raising one hand she beconed him with finger mouthing the words "Come back to bed"

Zane crushed out the cigarette, and crawled over to her, then suddenly growled and pounced on her, she giggled as they rolled about naked loosing the blanket completely.  Finally as they came to a rest she was on top of him, grinning about her victory, he smiled up at her chuckling.  She made him feel so alive.  Then she lowered her lips to his ...the rest of the world simply disappeared.

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