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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil

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((a departure from previous entries on Fallen Eart RP forums.  I was having difficulty getting the point across I wanted, so trying a different format.  Enjoy))

The heat in the room causes the air to waver, covered in a sheen of sweat, Zane manuvers the newly formed frame onto the work table, pulling up his welding goggles to examine his work.  Eyes as black as the lenses of the goggles trace over each weld his thumb checking for burs or flaws in the steel.

"Not bad...could be lighter...a bit stronger..:" Zane mumbles to himself, no one to hear him anyway, no one else is up at this hour.  He takes out a file, and begins to fuss over imperfections in the welds and joints of the frame.

"What was I thinkin'...who am I...nobody that's who...why did I even do that...?" he sighs heavily taking his frustration out on the metal with the file.

After several minutes of fussing he sits back and opens a beer, takes a long drink then pulls out his pouch and starts to roll a smoke, lights it taking several deep pulls of the sweet burning tobacco, exhaling clouds of smoke into the already hazy room his eyes closes as he savours the hot smoke searing his lungs, his thoughts turning inward.

"Now shit's gonna be all awkward...F'in' stupid"

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