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Finding Prey

The room smelled of peppermint and honey, the couch over stuffed and Reeti didn't like the way he sank into it. Right now though that was a minor annoyance as his dark eyes move up at the nude body before him. The lights were dim in here, with a hue of red. All of which worked in the favor of the dancer. The shadows licked over her body's like flames as she swayed her hips, waist, breast in small erotic motions as her wide green eyes looked down at him.
A grin touched his lips, before his tongue comes out to wet them his eyes not stirring from the humanoid woman. She continued to sway her body turning slowly, letting the light and shadow show off her thin muscle tone body. Her hands sliding along her own skin, eyes closing in mock arousal. The woman knew her job, he had to give her that. As she stepped forward one leg grazing against his as she continued to dance, and the smell of peppermint and honey got stronger as she leaned forward.
"What would please you?" She said in a sultry whisper in a accent he was not familiar with. Her lips played near his ear, her tongue teasing flicked along the edge. "Mmm, Do wish me to dance for you sir."
He could feel her breasts lean heavily against his chest, her harden nipples grazing over it as she continued the seductive movements. A brow arches slightly, his hand coming up to cup the roundness of her ass. He squeezed it tightly pulling her body closer as he did so.
"Ohh.." She giggled, her body rocking forward, her hips dipping to rub herself against his thigh. "Me would like to pleasure you like that sir. I am yours." her lips move against his neck as she continues roll her hips against his legs.
He lets out a rough chuckle at that, then a soft growl as the other hand comes up to the back of her head, taking a handful of her hair to pull her head back. His steely dark eyes looking into her green ones, and he could easily read the arousal in her eyes.
"You are mine?" He said, is other hand roughly pulls at her ass cheek again before shifting his body so she no longer straddled his leg.
She giggles again, her eyes flutter again but she gives a small pout when he took his leg away. She was aroused, and the air around him snapped with power. "I was sent here to please you. "she responds a hand reaching to his chest to caress it. "you like to be the big boss. I like you to be. "
He growls again, his hand leaving her, and reaching for the wrist that reaches to touch him as he pulls her head back a little further. "I am the big boss." He arms flex as he twist her wrist slightly and pulls her head down. "Knee's " he stated simply..
Her eyes widen slightly and she winces from the tweak of pain but lowers just well. Her eyes run up his lap to him, her tongue coming out of her mouth teasingly.
He flashes a devilish smile as her tongue wets her lips, once again his hand jerks her head to show her just who was in control, then he releases her wrist, the other large hand coming up to wrap around her slender throat. He now watched her reaction really closely as he began to squeeze.
Her nose flared slightly, her eyes sparked with excitement. She thought this was foreplay, she thought this was a game. He squeezed even tighter as he pulled her forward and he leaned forward his eyes not leaving her. His nose barely touching her as he began to feel her body tighten, her hand coming to rest on his muscled arm. She was finally cluing in that this was no game. Her eyes begin to widen, her fingers pressing tightly into his skin as she tried to take in a breath and found herself unable. She tried to jerk back and he puts a hand around the back of her neck to hold her there.
He lets out another soft growl of triumph when he seen her eyes change for flirty arousal to panic and pulled her closer to him. his hand still tight, not allowing her to breath.. His lips move over her chin just over his hand as he moves his lips to her ear. "Tell your employer to stop wasting my time.. I want to see him, and I want to see him now. I will not fall for these simple tricks."
She blinked her eyes fluttering and she managed a half nod which he allowed. When he pushed her away, letting her go, she stumbled back falling fully to her ass, her hand coming out to catch her, before one hand going to her tender neck. In the red glow he caught the reflection of a tear that escaped and he laughed. "Don't waste my time either. Go get your boss." Needing no more encouragement she got up and scrambled out.
Crossing the room, he lets out a low growl and walks to the window/mirror. “He is testing my patients..” He said, dark eyes shift to his second who stood facing it as well. His eyes moved over the dance floor bellow them.
“Well he gave you a more then adequate distraction till he showed up boss. “ the Detot nose lifted, and he inhaled. “And she was revving if you get my drift.” the large man turned to him. Just as tall as himself, though not quite as wide, he was quick with his hands, and there was power behind that small frame. It was that reason, and the fact that Detot had grown up with him that he was the most trusted man.
“Distraction can wait .. After our business here is done.” He turned and reached for his drink draining it. By time he finished it there was a rustle outside the door . Detot straighten from his position shifting a step in front of his boss. The Door came open and a port bellied rudy skin man came in followed closely by his own guard, local thugs from the looks.
“Ah (Reetii)Mr. Llic, “ the pudged nose man looked up at him. Straightening his back he crossed the room. “ SIr.. Sorry to been so delayed.”
Reeti looked down at the who stood at least a foot shorter. “Lets just hope you have the results I wanted. “ He waved his hand to the over stuffed couch he had departed. “Sit, show me what you have.” He gave a satisfied smile as the small man gave a uncomfortable look, before sitting. He pulled out a data pad from his pocket and turned it on.
“As you know, Grand Anter Gestur Jom Doneta was the one who hired her for the job to be done. We were able to persuade to get all the information had about that job. I believe you also was satisfied in the condition you recieved in.”
Reeti gave a preditory grin at the memory. “Yes I was..” he states simply and nods for him to go on.
“I’ve got a good bit of information on the target, as you know we ran into a hiccup, in the beginning with a information leak, but as I told you over comm, it was quickly cleaned up..” he looks up and attempts a smile, when there was no response from Reeti, he looks back down to the data pad. “Anyways.. It might of turned out for the better.” He puts the data pad down on the table and press’s button and the projection of the files fill the air.
Reeti glances at Detot, who shifted to the side, and Reeti step forward pulling a chair towards the table. His eyes move to the file. A muscle in his jaw began to bulge as the projection of a armored female floated in front of his face. Her face held fine feature with out the helmet, even the scar that crossed over her eye accented her exotic feature. “What did you find out?” His eyes still haven’t moved from the image before him. This was the woman who killed his brothers.. This is the woman he will utterly tear apart.
“She goes by Telessa, as you might of guessed she is a chiss. From the records she is no longer with the ascendancy, apparently she was exiled. There was a flag on her file about suspicion of possible treason against the empire..” He looks up at Reeti, and gives a thankful breath at the man smile.
“Suspected Treason? Useful “ he remarks softly, and nods for him to continue.
“Perhaps, It happened some time ago, but it could still be used.. Yes.” He flicks the file and shows a hologram of a business emblem. “This here is company she was working with for a short time. ‘Last Resort’. Not much about it, it seemed like a small mercenary company that shut down. After that she joined another company. ‘Combat Solutions’ “ He sits forward, and rubs his hand together almost excitedly. “That was the company she was with at the time of the attack of your base on Caltinia” He bows his head a moment, then looks up.
He press’s a few buttons and four new images pointing to one.. Large man in bulky mandalorian armor spun lazily. “This is Rham Orade, Of the Orade clan. He was also the leader of the Combat solution company. “ He points to another picture.. Tall, short haired chiss, back straight, and a curve-less body in her gray robe and dress. “This is Drikkah.. She is another chiss, if you can’t tell. This one is still with the ascendancy. I point these two out for a reason, both are suspected to be part of the attack. You see Combat Solution Dissolved into another organization call Project invictas. All three currently work with in that company. Its is a good bet she is a good friend with each. “ the man sat back. “I’d bet the chiss especially, I’ve noticed the blue tend to stick together..”
“I’ve took the liberty to gather more information on these two, though admittedly not a lot. I didn’t want to put resources out there if there was no interest. Rahm Orade it seems now is someone big in his clan, and from reports, though not definite Orade is a very large clan with a weapons and armor trade with in the mandalorian.
“Drikkah is still with the ascendancy they call it.. Some kind of librarian. She has a apartment on Drumond Kaas and works often with the embassy there. Again, I know it isn’t much. “
“And the other two here?:” Reeti asked.
“One is Ostillio of Clan Kilgar, for a time there was a connection too them. He is listed deceased now, and the clan, well I’ve not been able to find anyone or dig anything up on them..”
Frowning with annoyance. “Is this all you have? Anything current, anything that isn’t best guess?”
He shakes his head, and looks up at Detoc, then back to Reeti . “Look We were just suppose to get you information thats what I did, but... I did have a man on Hutta not to long ago.. “ he puts his hand out in a peaceful manner. “Spotted the two chiss together, in the cantina there.. said they sat together all night. Also seen a small red head calling the target sister.. “ he points to the 4th figure. “Trixie malone, pirate queen of something. “ he said. “She is indeed a pirate, had a list of offenses as well. “ he wets his lips and clears his throat.. Turning to one of his men he nods and the man walks off to make him a drink.
“A pirate.. Interesting as well. “He smirks.. “Anything else?”
“Said the target was aware all night, and that he thinks she has a body guard on her, large dark fellow.. Couldn’t get any information on him.. “
“She knows she might be a possible target due to your man screwed up.. Correct. “ Detoc interjected as the small man took a drink.
He took a drink, and frown, and coughed. “It was swiftly taken care of, and not our usual work.. I assure you no other asset will screw up like that.” he carefully sets the glass down.. “As I said earlier though it could of been for a bonus.. “ he paused and waited for both men brows to raise expectantly. “Since that little slip up, there has been a very interesting party hitting the spots and contacts to try to find out the origin.. “ He leans over and hits another button another relay of faces came up. “Vorsha clan, another mandalorian clan. They’ve been actively looking into things and being none to quiet about it. So far names picked up, have been Vim, Kebo, Tara, Bo’wkul, Artlec. They have some tie to The target.. Just not completely sure yet.
Reeti nods and sit back in the chair taking in the information, his eyes move up to detoc.
Detoc nods as if Reeti said something. “Ample people to choose from.” He knew enough of his boss that the death of the chiss would not be enough.
“Aye, she will pay. “ he states simply then looks to the rubby faced man. “So will you if your fuck up is more trouble then it is worth. “
“I.. I understand.” he stampers out and shift back on the couch. His own guards step forward but each stop at Detoc’s laughter. “There won’t be trouble I assure you sir. “ he then reach forward and ejects the data-chip. “But I did get the information you asked for.” He offers it.
Reeti takes the data chip, and nods. “You did.. For now you and your little club here are safe. “ He pushes up from the chair and looks at Detoc’s. Giving him the data chip.
“Will you be needing anymore work done.. I’ve shown I am capable.. I can even give it to you at a discount. “ ruby face man said with haste. “To make up for the mistake.. “
Reeti looked at Detoc for several moment, the second gave a simple nod again. Turning back he looks down. “No.. “ he pauses.. “Actually.. that girl you sent in here earlier.. Send her hanger bay 4BT6.” as the man begins to stamper again he puts a hand up. “Let her know she will be well compensated.. Don’t disappoint me again.” With out another word he headed to the Exit. Detoc falling to his side, the third body guard following behind them.
“Find his contacts and hire them for ourselves. I want more information on the chiss and the pirate. Find out if there is good time to strike. Get information out there to through that mando clan off the trail. My experience is mandalorian are pain in the ass Psychopaths. “ He told Detoc as they headed down the stares to the main floor. He didn’t need a answer from the man. He knew his bidding would be done. The crossed the busy dance, a suffocating stench of odor cause him to frown, once they left club he let out a sigh. “I’ll meet you at the ship."
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