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ESO RP Character sheet Aly'sande Syden

Alysande's picture

Basic Information:

Full Name: Lady Aly’sande Syden Hjalmar,

Nicknames/Titles: Aly’sande Syden Countess of Ginmuir, Thane of Skaarihn

Known as Aly to her friends “The Thorn “

Gender: female

Age: 22, born in 561

Race/Homeland:  Nord / Breton born Hjalmarch

Class: Nightblade Assassination

Character Appearance:

Hair: Cinnamon Red

Skin: Fair and rosy “pink”

Eyes: Blue grey

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 140 ish

Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):  tattoos on arms and shoulders, scars on lower back, Scar in the curve of her neck

Physical Features:

Aly has a curvy figure, full breasts and hips. That are both soft and inviting and muscular.

She looks a bit more “delicate” than she is in reality, and she uses that to her advantage. She is of what could be considered a medium build.


Social Level: Noble

Religion/Philosophy: follower of Kyne

Favorite Foods: Steak, Potatoes

Favorite Drinks: Mead, Ale,

Favorite Colors: Violet, blue

Likes: Music and dancing,

Dislikes: Assholes

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: Widowed- Thorvald Thaanos “the destroyer “,  currently in a relationship

Place of residence:   Wayrest / Bangkorai

Place of Birth:  Hjalmar Manor, Hjaalmarch Hold

Occupation:    Intelligence

Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Invicta Mercenary

Wealth Status:   landed nobility

Enemies:    Erik Thaanos, Ragnor Hjalmar

Character Abilities and Proficiency:

Favored Weapon: Daggers, swords

Weapon /  Skill:  dual Daggers, Greatsword

Magic Abilities: Soul magic

Magic Strengths: Siphoning

Other Information:  Aly is well educated and gives the impression of being “well bred” she has a quick wit. She has been known to use this to her advantage especially when she needs to gain access to “things’ for “retrieval”.

She is dangerous and prefers daggers and swords.  

She has a “racial” proficiency in Magikca the potential of which is still developing.



Thane Ragnor Hjalmar & Lady Elabyth Syden, Countess of Ginmuir - deceased  (NPC’s)

History: * The following is not intended to replace RP but to enhance *

Aly’sande is the only child of the ill fated marriage between Nord warlord Thane Ragnor Hjalmar and captive Breton Countess, Elabyth Syden.

The Lady Elabyth and her father Count Ellrold Syden had been taken after a skirmish  near Cheydinhal in late 559.  

Elabyth had been held as an “honored guest” as assurance during “negotiations”  by the Jarl of Windhelm, Ulfric Stormcloak and Breton leaders.

Lord Syden was killed in a failed ambush on the Nord leaders. Rather than killing the hostage Jarl Stormcloak gave her in marriage to one of his Thanes Ragnor.

This marriage of political convenience, was entered into with promises that she would be treated well, with the understanding that under Breton law the Countess would retain her title, holdings and income.

The Jarl gifted the couple a manor and lands in Hjaalmarch

In 561 Aly’sande was born at Hjarlmar Manor.

There were no other children born to Elabyth and Ragnor.

Ragnor it was rumored had son’s with a mistress in Windhelm.

As Aly’sande grew, she became a auburn haired beauty, with a curved body that bore  little resemblance to her flaxen haired father or her willowy, raven haired mother.

Aly’sandes father insisted that she be raised under Nord traditions that often clashed with Aly’s mother who wished her to be a Breton Lady and told her tales of life in Stormhaven.

At Ragnor’s insistence, Aly was trained in the use of arms in Nord tradition, for self defence against frequent raider’s.

These skills would benefit her later.

In 574 when she was 13, Aly’sandes mother suddenly died under mysterious circumstances. rumors of infidelity and murder were quickly quashed.

After her mother’s death, Ragnor made  unsuccessful attempts to claim his wife’s title, lands and income for himself. Ginmuir is largely an estate with no political influence.

He began calling himself Thane Hjalmar.

Under the marriage agreement and Breton law Aly’sande was the sole heir and became Countess of Ginmuir

Ragnor  would be allowed to administer the holdings until she was of age or she married.

At 17,  a marriage contract was entered into between Aly’sande’s father  and Thorvald Thaanos, a notoriously sadistic warlord known as “the Destroyer”.

The marriage was not consummated for several years since Thorvald and his father and brother Erick were campaigning in Cyrodiil. The signed marriage contract and a proxy ceremony married the pair.

After his Father death Thorvald returned to Eastmarch to claim his inheritance, and consummate the marriage.

Thorvald true to his reputation of brutality and impatience, violently consummated the marriage.

If Aly’sande resisted he would beat her, taking care to never mar her beauty, or injure her to the point of questions.

Within days of the first of those savage encounters Aly began to plot her escape.

Weeks passed, with a pattern of nightly feasting followed by a brief encounter in their bed ending with Thorvald falling into a drunken sleep.

When she failed to become pregnant Thorvald would rage against her.

Less than 3 months into the marriage, after a brutal encounter, Aly took a dagger and cut his throat as he slept.

Making her way quietly to the stables after  gathering together bags she had hidden containing some gold, jewelry and weapons she then took a horse.

Headed out of Eastmarch and the only home she had known to what she hoped was safety.


Taking what she could she ran off into the night intent on reaching Breton territories.

Once there she would take her case to the King and seek protection.   

Currently Aly is being sought by Erik Thaanos .

Aly’ is unsure of the reception she will receive in Covenant territories.

Having been born and living her whole life in Skyrim she would be viewed suspiciously at the least.

Her mother had always told her in secret that she could always ”go home” and be protected … But was that really true?

In the months of her traveling through often hostile territories, Aly came to the attention of the Invicta Mercenary company and was recruited.

She is frequently seen in the company of an Orc Mercenary, known as The Reaper 

She has a small circle of people she trusts.

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