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ESO Charcter Sheet for Erik Thaanos (alt)

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Erik Thaanos Character sheet

Roleplay Character Sheet

Basic Information:

Full Name: Erik Thaanos

Nicknames/Titles:  “The Marked One “  calls himself  (disputed) Thane of Skaarihn

Gender: Male


Race/Homeland: Nord from Eastmarch

Class: Dragon Knight

Character Appearance:

Hair: Black

Skin: medium

Eyes: Ice Blue

Height: 7 ft 3

Weight: 275

Markings (Scars, Tattoo’s etc): Tattoos on torso and arms, scars on body, and face,

Physical Features: Extremely muscular


Social Level: Noble birth .. warrior

Religion/Philosophy: Follower of Kyne

Favorite Foods: Roasted meats

Favorite Drinks: Mead, Ale

Favorite Colors: Black, blood red


Dislikes: Bretons, Orcs

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: unmarried

Place of residence: Eastmarch

Place of Birth: Skaarihn,  The Rift

Occupation: Warrior.. Noble - Warrior

Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: N / A

Wealth Status: dispossessed younger son / surviving brother of Jarl Thaanos of Skaarihn- deceased

Enemies: TBD

Character Abilities and Proficiency:

Favored Weapon: Broadsword

Weapon Skill: skilled

Magic Abilities:TBD

Magic Strengths:TBD

Other Information: ooc Tank / DPS


Parents: Jarl Ansgar and Agneta Thaanos  - All deceased


Younger son of Jarl Ansgar Thaanos, a great Warlord killed in battle in Cyrodill. Agneta died shortly after the death of her husband some said of grief.

Erik’s brother, known as Thane Thorvald “Farbjour” ( the destroyer ), was married to Lady Aly’sande Hjalmar, a half Nord / Breton countess.

A few weeks after the marriage Thorvald was found dead, his throat slashed and his wife missing.

Initially it was believed that Thorvald had been murdered by enemies and his wife stolen for ransom.

Erik has asserted his right to succeed his brother as the Thane of Skaarihn.

Challenges to his right have been raised by those Vassals who do not wish to be under Thannos' rule.

There has been complications to his ambitions and he has been seeking Aly’sande.

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