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On the Edge of Existence

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Jaakra held tight to the holdout blaster The White Lady ensured she left with. None of the Chiss here had tried to take it from her. They had pulled her out of kolto stasis for another battery of tests. She was starting to feel like a pincushion, she was still sick as hell. Fever burned her brain making more than basic interaction a chore, and her skin felt like it was trying to crawl away on its own.

She was tired, tired of tests, tired of being sick, but not tired of being alive. A wave of nausea rolled through here like a hurricane, after an eternity of dizzying pain, body wrenching heaves, and sweating blood she came back to a semblance of control.

A Chiss nurse looked on her with sympathetic eyes as the technicians took one last sample. Jaakra felt something pressed into her hand. She looked down to see the suited hands of the nurse putting the blaster back into her shaking ones.

Jaakra mouthed thank you.

As the kolto again filled the tank she clutches the blaster.

"I can't die like this...not like this. I won't."

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