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Death of Love; A Sith Is Born

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It was a cold and terrible morning. A long battle had raged on an unknown battlefield far from the inner rim of the galaxy. The core worlds were dreadfully far away from what had just happened. I'd seen it happen in a vision years ago, when we were just finding our way through our new love. In my vision, she was destroyed. My brother and his accomplice were the hands that held the blades that took her life away in my vision. They killed me too, struck me down after forcing me to watch her last seconds ooze from her wounds and then darkness. This time, it was no vision. It was reality. They came the same way they had before. We fought for what seemed like ages but the final blow was struck in a moment of weakness. Ismaja, my love, was taken from me. Her own brother struck the fatal blow with a ritual blade not of light but of steel. Her wound was vicious as her life force dripped away. Her eyes grew cold as I could do nothing to save her and then they came for me. Rage took over and I was no longer myself. I was blinded by it, empowered by it, and with unyielding power I ripped him apart...

When I came out of my fury I saw him in pieces and my brother stunned in shear terror. Varenar had always played the tough one but even he was awestruck by what I had done. He turned and fled. I would not kill him, not yet. He would have to become my equal first. Perhaps he never would. I hope he will...

I took my wife's body and wrapped it in cloth. Blood stained nearly every inch of it. The smell of the crimson liquid was potent. It only served to make me angrier. She was gone, she IS gone. How do I continue on? She'd started her ascent to the light side in her last weeks. We'd planned to return to Coruscant, where I was born, and start a family. We'd return to the Jedi Order, together. How strange she thought it would be-a Sith pureblood woman becoming a jedi. I assured her that the light held no grudges. No, the light never does. I wish it did, I wish it had saved her. She is one with the Force now, but which side is she on? Which side am I on? I don't know anymore. I feel immense hatred for my brother now and I want to destroy him. Erase him from existence. A jedi does not feel these things. A jedi does not harbor hatred... I am no jedi. Not anymore...

I've made my way back to Korriban. I'd trained briefly there once when I was a spy for the Republic. I was here now as a true student of the dark side. I was here to become Sith, to make the Force bend to my will. I would use it to become something vast and dark, something terrible. My enemies will tremble beneath me-blood, bone and ash will be left in my wake... I must find a master if I am ever to become a true Sith Lord but who? Perhaps I can find common ground with my old enemy, Darth Vikt... He surely sensed her destruction. Would he blame me? Would he blame the Light? I must find him...

Should you read this, know that I am now loyal to the Sith Empire. GLORY TO THE EMPIRE! GLORY TO THE WHITE LADY! GLORY TO INVICTA!
-This datapad entry is signed D. Mcleod, Sith Acolyte, Korriban; Date Unknown-

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