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From the cell.

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Thrissa sat back in her cell, on the other side was the sleeping form of Havan. she winced knowing that she had to people she had to say sorry to. if only she hadn't listened to her sisters call.
She stood up pushing her hair back off her face and started to pace.
her datapad had everything on it including the message so it should show she was showing the truth so that could work.
she closed her eyes thinking over everything she said:
yes she got the message from Thnuluv about Hizak she went to see him and offered her skills to help him got black mailed into working with him. found out he wasn't going help her so she had waited for the right time and used her own sources to go and find Thnuluv.
she had what she had uncovered about Thnuluv to track her down. she knew nothing about what she was doing only that she was working with droids still.
"why couldn't of been one of the other ones?" she asked the room.
She had left the Chiss space after a long batter with her family not wanting to be their golden daughter anymore.
and they had three others now, they didn't need her.
She had went into Imperial training to be an agent but they found her to reckless but was suited for black ops. she had been in a middle of one when she met the Sith sisters; Eacho and Pandora. they had been after the same target and had worked together. when she got back to her officer she had an transfer to work with them. she didnt want to but she had gotten along with them.
Eacho was the oldest and the cunning and they had gotten on like a house on fire.
Pandora loved anything fancy and enjoyed taking her time with things. they didnt get on well but they enjoyed each other. they all felt the same about being the golden children and the need to rebel.
she had come back from her work when they called her to the opera house. then had given her a datapad with a message from her father asking her to find Thnuluv to make sure she was safe and wasnt in any danger.
"are you going to find her?" Pandora asked.
"family can be so bad to have." Eacho added.
She had thought it over then nodded. "I havnt seen her in ages so I have to."
"Have to? Eacho asked.
"no but I do want to."
the sith had smiled at each other then gave her their blessing to do so. then they had added one thing:
If she found anyone fighting the enteal empire to talk to them about alliance.

she had travelled for two years, found her droids and the ones Thnuluv had killed. the last lot had been a gang she had been in. that surprised but then from what she had been able to get about her sister that something was going on there.
She had knew a few sith and Jedi were gathering on Yavin , knowing that there was a small base there and decided to go down to there.
she had found a human who liked to talk. killed him when he gave her nothing then took a walk around. what harm could come from walking around. she could ask about Chiss, then droids.

her mind flashed back to where she was as she sat down again watching a droid come into do a tour of the room then go back out. it took a long five minutes to do so.
she watched it as it left wondering if it was her sisteres and if she knew what danger she was in.
She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing tommrow would come.

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Meanwhile, in the cell adjacent to Thissia, Havan lay on his side with his back facing her. It appeared he was asleep, but he was really just trying not the think of the mess he'd gotten into. He supposed this was what happened to those who attempt to stick their necks out for their friends, but he hardly felt his sentence was necessary. That White Lady was probably just looking for an excuse to punish him for not being a stickler like everyone else. He closed his eyes and tried not to think about how upset Hizak probably was. Knowing how the Sith operate, Hizak was probably guilty by association. In hindsight, Havan probably should have never left his cousin's apartment. He should have stayed put and stayed bored until his bounty blew over, but no. He just had to value phychosocial needs more than his father's orders.
He only hoped that Belatrix was as merciful as she claimed. He had his doubts, though...

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