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Awakening ((Anabela))

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Ana felt like she was waking from a coma.

When you are unconscious, you dream. And sometimes you struggle to the surface, and it is hard to tell whether you are still dreaming or not. The reality blurs with the dreams and you lose touch with what is real and what is not.

Ana was having that struggle as she turned to feel Ba’raka, warm and naked, pressed up to her back. His arm draped over her stomach, his legs twined with hers. She suddenly realized that she could not remember the last time they had fallen asleep like this. She shook her head, trying to determine if this was real or not. Everything seemed… surreal.

Her hand pressed to his bare thigh and he stirred, his hand caressing up her stomach to squeeze her in close. “Ana, baby… you okay?” There was a heavy concern in his voice, a slight tremor of something close to terror. She felt his lips on her shoulder… she was trying to think, trying to put the pieces together.

She turned over and saw him staring at her, tears in his eyes and suddenly she felt like she had not seen him in months. They came together, lips pressing and tongues swirling as skin rubbed skin. His hand slid around her rear, pulling her leg over his thigh. Why did it feel like this… so new? She pulled back, pressing her palm, to his cheek, her eyes searching his. He was staring at her so strangely, his expression part guilt, part fear, part longing. He was looking at her like she was… someone else. Part of her still questioned what was real… was this real? It felt like she had lost him, for a while. Tears started to fall onto her cheeks… had she left him? Why would she leave him?

“Ba’raka, where have I been?”

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