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Pirate Event Part 1- Game of Jawas: One Jawa in the Dead Man's Chest.

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Pirate Event Part 1- Game of Jawas: One Jawa in the Dead Man's Chest.

The Skull and its crew drew the ire of The Exchange on Tatooine following a raid by Captain Eisley and his First Mate Melkaio, alongside with their Mandalorian friend Telessa. Everything would have been just fine if the Captain woulnd't have pushed the arrogance to the point of leaving a signature to the event as an act of provocation. to be fair they were on his land, they didn't belong there and he had a long going grudge against them.

Not long after, the Exchanges spotted Rusty, the Skull's Jawa Enginee and had him followed, then captured. They were asking for 66 million credits to the Captain as a ransom, an astronomical sum even to the Pirate's standards. The Jawas among the crew were getting disorganized without their Chief Rusty and Melkaio was warning the Captain bout a possible desertion from the Jawa crew if they dind't free Rusty. According to him they already started selling more scraps than usual as a fundraiser. Most organizations, would punish such behavior, but this was The Skull, membeship was by choice, no one was forced or kept against their will, the Captain jus nodded, disapointed, and reffilled his glass.

By that was clear the crew wouldnt pay to frew Rusty but they would rather stealth their way in and dree him themselves. However they were short on the kind of peuple they need for a stealth mission. So the Captain and Melkaio brought their plea for help to Darth Belatrix, the supreme leader of Invicta. Several notorious members of the organization were there as well. The Bounty Hunter Luthienn, Keeper Jar'rogen as well as Telessa. Belatrix and Henerkin being old business partners, she accepte to supply the staff to help him. Melkaio suggest to go with a stealth operation to free good ol' Rusty withouth being spotted by The Exchange. We would need a few extra stealthy types for the job.

The Bounty Hunter suggested a more direct and violent approach, which made the Captain smile. He finished up hs glass of whiskey before adding "The'll gat whats's beedn coming to them soon enough. First we get Rusty Unharmed. Then we comback and turn them sands red".

((OOC: This is a small rescue event . the goal will bet to retrieve a jawa from THe Exchange in stealth mode. If we get aggro, the jawa might get killed. Thee ill be a part 2 open to everyone the week after. ))

Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 8:30pm

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