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The Double D Run! - TONIGHT - 9PM EST.

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-A holocording is broadcast throughout the company channels. Captain Darish stands tall and proud, an oddly familiar smirk on his features as the picture clears and the broadcast establishes connection. The man clears his throat, before begninning to adress the company-

"Listen up, Crew!"

"I hear talks about you pilots out there in the ranks claiming to be the best.. Excluding your dear ol' Captain, of course... Well, in business, talk is cheap and anyone with the wit of a bantha can say they're pure pazaak. Actions and reputation is what pays, and I reckon it's about time to give ya'll a chance gain just that. Whether you're just joining the ranks, or you've been flying with us for years, now's your time to prove your worth."

"So this is a heads-up, in a weeks time I'll be calling a gathering and we'll put all you hotshots to the test. A race of sorts, you'll be given a location, and goods to deliver. Those with the fastest record, takes it all. Now's the chance to prove that you are, in fact, the best. If you're not one for flying, I'd suggest you come along anyway; there'll be drinks and of course every good race needs it's fans. So come along to compete and put some weight behind your words, or just to have some fun and watch. The entire company is invited for the showdown of the best."

"'What do I get if I win' You ask. Well... Aside from being acknowledged at the top Kath of the pack, you'll get your own title within the company (IE: New Guild Rank), upgrades to your ship, a new speeder, a monetary prize, plus a pay raise. (Higher access to funds for repairs and respecs.) Of course, I reckon I'll include monetary prizes for the second and third best pilots, as well."

"Think you've got what it takes? Got a reputation to uphold? Then you better be there, ain't no glory for the no-shows."

"Darish out"

-The holo image cracks and fades, as the broadcast shuts off. A moment later, it would beep once more, sending out a transmission of data with the 'when and 'where'-

Wed August 15th at 9 pm EST

Meet at the Double D (Dealers Den) in the Old Galactic Market on Coruscant

((One of the classic lines out of Star Wars is when Han says "You've never heard of the Millenium Falcon?She's the ship that did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs".Unfortunately there is no Kessel in game so we have come up with the Double D run instead.

Who can participate?Any member of Invicta that can get to the cantina in Ancorhead on Tatooine in thier own ship.


1.Contestants are not allowed to use any of thier General travel abilities,i.e. quick travel,fleet pass.Any class abilities,personal speeders,and/or planetside taxis/shuttles are allowed.


1st place gets 500,000 credits,1 Hoersch-Kessel Shield Generator,1Kuat Drive Yards Missile Magazine,1 Hot-rigged Speeder Bike,a new guild rank(tba at event)that only you will have,and an increased allowance.The shield generator,missile magazine,and speeder are all T3 items and are BoE so they can be sent to alts

2nd place gets 200,000 credits

3rd place gets 100,000 credits

If you dont have a toon that would have an rp reason for participating in this but want to help,I am looking for a few volunteers to help me with certain tasks for this.Post here or pm me,Kariokimahn,if you would like to help

We will begin gathering at the Double D at 9 pm EST and the race will start promptly at 9:30 pm EST.

Goodluck runners!))


Groups audience: 
The Old Republic


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((The following post is because I'll have my hands full during the event, so here is why Henerkin or Mo'gy are not racing))

- A Transmision comming shortly after in Henerkin's burned out whiskey voice -

''Howdy y'all, as you might arleady know The Skull ain't built for speed, it's more about takin' bigger ships head on and acquire their cargo and The Crossbones is an assult ship. So, for now Captn' Moe and myself ain't gonna be racin'. However, we'll stand by half way through the race in case y'all get Imps or other Pirates in the way.  Just holler if you need backup.

Over and Out."

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((Can't wait for this! It's going to be a blast! Cool))

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[ I wish I could come. Sadly I won't be home until after it's over. Darn my weekday schedule! ]

The notification reaches Raf just before her holojump and she almost turns back but glances at a picture on the console in front of her and sighs and presses on.


(So wish I could be there for this as it is so much up Raf's street. Unfortunately my gaming laptop is due back for repair the day after, next Thursday. Have fun all!)


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This Wed!!


Annjya peruses the groups holo recordings and smirks a touch "Now why would I want to fly something myself when I can intimdate someone to do it for me?"  She shakes her head and continues on.

(I STILL don't fly!)

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And up you go!

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